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Andrew D Gore - GrindHouse Glass Works

Andrew D Gore - GrindHouse Glass Works

I have been a screen printer pretty much my entire life, that is the one thing that school actually taught me as well as something I was actually good at. 

I have always wanted to learn the art of stained glass making but never found the time or place to be formally taught it. So I did what I had to do, I ordered the most expensive all-in-one do-it-yourself stained glass kit and got to work teaching myself this art medium. It has in the last few years taken over my life and fuels my artistic desire to take this medium to a whole new level. I have always had the DIY mentality that fueled my fire in all aspects of my life. After much trial and error and many band-aids, I fell in love with this stained glass art form. So, I put my t-shirt making skills on hold and dove head first into the deep end of my new-found artistic passion.

You weren’t gonna find me making basic beginners stained glass pieces from some pre-formed pattern of a rainbow or unicorn I got off the internet. If I was going to do something I felt actual passion for, I was gonna be the best and most unique artist I could be. I’m gonna leave something witchy behind to let people know I was there!

So, I introduce to you my first pieces of a project I call “The Church of Punk Rock.” The only thing I had for a religion, something that was completely life altering was the music of hard core punk rock that gets me through the rollercoaster ride called life. These first pieces are an homage to these bands that over the decades have fueled my artistic vision.

They show my growth as an outsider artist who doesn’t follow the status quo. I was never good at following rules and I refuse to compromise my artistic integrity now.


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