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Space Collectibles and Memorabilia


Sell your Space Memorabilia

Sell your pieces for out-of-this-world prices including NASA photographs, flown objects, and meteorites with RR Auction.

One of RR Auction's specializations and proudest achievements is developing the category of space memorabilia and everything otherworldly. We've auctioned flown artifacts, astronaut autographs, rocket hardware, vintage photographs, and even meteorites. RR Auction is proud to have worked on auctioning materials from several Apollo Moonwalkers themselves including Dave Scott, Gene Cernan, and Alan Bean. In addition to dedicated space sections in each of our monthly auctions, we also host at least two Space and Aviation sales each year. Ready to shoot for the moon and sell your pieces?


Top Sellers

We were chosen by Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos to auction the first seat on their rocket New Shepard's first ever crewed flight – which sold for an astronomical $28 million. Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos turned his sights to space after he stepped down from the company in 2021. Bezos was one of four crew members on this flight that lasted around ten minutes, with two minutes of weightlessness.

Wally Schirra’s 18k gold Omega Speedmaster was another top seller for RR Auction going for a jaw dropping $1,906,954. Schirra was the only U.S. astronaut to fly on all three of NASA’s early projects—Mercury 8, Gemini 6, and Apollo 7. This watch was given to Schirra at a gala dinner in Houston, TX in 1969. This was a successful sale for our consignor Larry McGlynn who purchased the watch directly from the Schirra family after Wally’s passing.

‘The Moon Puzzle’ meteorite is a highly important discovery from the deserts of Northwest Africa. This lunar meteorite likely blasted off the surface of our moon due to the impact of a different meteorite, surviving a fiery descent through our atmosphere. This meteorite received the name ‘the moon puzzle’ for its six fragments that fit together like a puzzle.

Space memorabilia is always a hit with our buyers, so if you have pieces you’re looking to sell consider consigning it with RR Auction! You can contact us by phone at 800-937-3880 or submit lots by clicking the button below.

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