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Sell your Literature Memorabilia

When you sell your literature memorabilia with RR Auction, you know you’ll get the best prices for your autographs, letters, and first edition copies.

Literature lovers know that they can trust RR Auction for one-of-a-kind autographs and manuscripts by their favorite authors. Signed books, literary letters, and rare first editions are staples of our monthly Fine Autographs and Artifacts sales. Storytelling is one of our passions, and we are thrilled to regularly have the opportunity to bring these unique items to life. From a single book to an author's archive, we are well equipped to research, catalog, and sell collections of any size—proven by our past successes with poetry by Emily Dickinson, handwritten letters by Edgar Allan Poe, scarce Ernest Hemingway autographs, signed Harry Potter books, and the papers of The Godfather novelist Mario Puzo. Write yourself into RR Auction history and sell your pieces today!


Edgar Allan Poe

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Mario Puzo was an influential figure when it came to putting the mafia into the public eye. His infamous novel, The Godfather, put the spotlight on the mob and forever reshaped Italian-American culture. With this in mind, it is no surprise that a monumental archive from the famed author went for a miraculous $612,500. This archive features a variety of items including personal correspondence and early manuscripts, with some pieces being handwritten and annotated by the author himself.

Emily Dickinson continues to be an enduring cultural figure in the field of poetry. Her visual imagery and emotional nuance made her poems all the more impactful, as is evident with poems like Because I did not stop for death and Wild nights. With her legacy, it is no wonder that her handwritten poems and autographs go for such high prices. One example of this is her handwritten and autographed poem, I came to buy a smile - today. This poem, written in her distinctly slanted hand, sold for $61,875.

From the gloomy gothic writer himself comes this handwritten and autographed letter by Edgar Allen Poe. This letter was addressed to fellow writer Frederick William Thomas, with Poe offering his condolences to Thomas after the death of his sister and her two children. At this time, Poe’s life was full of sorrow as he was in debt, dealing with poor health, and his wife Virginia was struggling with tuberculosis. 

With the enduring power of literature, there are plenty of opportunities to sell your pieces for magnificent prices. If you have autographs or handwritten letters you’d like to sell, consider consigning it with RR Auction! We can be reached by telephone at 800-937-3880 or submit lots by clicking the button below.

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