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Client Testimonials

[Your team is] courteous and extremely helpful - The descriptions are always accurate. The photographs are professionally done and allow you to see details you may not see under lesser conditions....

L. M.

- [Your team is] courteous and extremely helpful? The descriptions are always accurate. The photographs are professionally done and allow you to see details you may not see under lesser conditions....

L. M.

- [Your team is] courteous and extremely helpful? The descriptions are always accurate. The photographs are professionally done and allow you to see details you may not see under lesser conditions....

L. M.

My greatest thanks to you and everyone on your staff for making this process respectful, assured and satisfying. - Fiona,The check was received earlier this week. Letting go of a family treasure, and a reminder of my father''s incredible, adventurous life, was difficult. My greatest thanks to you and everyone on your staff for making this process respectful, assured and satisfying. With regards,...


June 29, 2023 - ?I really appreciate all of your help and educating me. Everybody took extremely good care of me, and always had my best interests first and foremost. Don''t think I let that go unnoticed. Again, thanks for guiding me along on this journey. I understand the workings of the auction world a lot better thanks to you.?...

Andrew D Gore

June 20, 2023 - Just an overdue note to say what a pleasure it is to be an RR customer. (If the company was originally the retail autograph seller with the RR name before shifting into auctions, I?ve been a customer since way, way back in the 1980s.) This afternoon, when my latest purchase was delivered, I was once again impressed with how quickly you guys always get things shipped off -- and how much care you give to the wrapping (working one?s way to the treasure through all those layers of tape and cardboard is almost as much fun as bidding successfully). Needless to say, the magnetic appeal of your offerings, month after month, is the main draw. So thanks for that, and for the superb service....

T. S.

March 29, 2023 - A marvelous adventure began with a call from Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President at RR Auction. ?Randolph Hollerith, the Dean of the National Cathedral is a former classmate of mine from St. Stephen?s in Alexandria, Virginia. The Rice Alumni Association is sponsoring a talk by Dr. Douglas Brinkley, who wrote the book ?American Moonshot: John F. Kennedy and the Great Space Race.? The Rice event is headed by another classmate of mine, Ted Adams.? Adams knew that Bobby had a lot of connections with people who collect space program artifacts, and asked if he might be able to contact someone to bring something related to the program to the event that night. When Bobby called me, I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet Dr. Brinkley, and also to see the world-famous National Cathedral. I said I would bring the Apollo 17 cuff checklist that Gene Cernan wore for 7 hours, 12 minutes on the lunar surface, on December 11, 1972. The checklist still has streaks of lunar dust on the pages, and so we would be bringing a bit of the moon itself to the event that night. As we drove up to the National Cathedral, it was still late afternoon. The structure seemed to glow in the fading sunlight, and the size and beauty was even more impressive than any photos I had seen. We were welcomed by Dean Hollerith and Ted Adams, as the Rice alumni arrived. Unscheduled, Hollerith surprisingly offered to personally escort us to the roofline of the cathedral. As we made our way through inner-access doors, we found ourselves in an aged space above the vaulted ceiling of the inner cathedral. On the walls, we saw dusty wine bottles that looked like they had been there for ages, and Deacon Hollerith explained that while the cathedral was being built over a period of some 83 years, the workers would have wine with their meals, and started putting the wine bottles in the niches of the inner walls that we were now seeing. The building of any cathedral is a multi-generational work, and looking at the bottles I imagined the chatter of the workers, fathers with sons, perhaps, even grandfathers with sons, working to build the great cathedral. As we stepped through a small door that led to a narrow path between the roof and the parapet walls, we were treated to the sunset view of the Washington, D.C. skyline, with both the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial clearly visible in the distance. Back inside as nightfall started, we took our places as Dr. Brinkley took the podium. Even though I have been a collector and fan of the Apollo program for many years, there were many fascinating details of the program that were a delight to hear for the first time from Dr. Brinkley. After the presentation, Rice Alumni gathered again in a reception area where we had set up the Apollo 17 checklist in its custom-made display, along with some other artifacts, including a page from the Apollo 11 landing checklist, and a Bible carried to the moon on the Apollo 14 mission. Being in the National Cathedral with the Apollo 17 checklist was also particularly special because I knew that the Cathedral had a renowned ?space window?, a stained glass window that holds an actual piece of lunar rock gathered by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface, and then personally presented by all three Apollo 11 astronauts in a special ceremony at the Cathedral on July 21, 1974. It was a very special moment when I opened the display case of the glove and checklist, and invited Dr. Brinkley to try it on, and to know that he was then wearing some lunar dust in the National Cathedral where another part of the moon was above us, embedded in the window, sealed in a nitrogen capsule, for the ages to come. It was indeed a marvelous adventure that night, to see the grandeur of the National Cathedral, and to share the excitement and wonder of the lunar exploration artifacts that we had brought that night to share with the Rice alumni and Dr. Brinkley. I?ve been honored to associate with RR Auction over many years now, and am so very grateful to them and Bobby Livingston for making it all possible!...

Roger R.

August 10, 2022 - I have never auctioned anything off before but I had a very unique and rare historical item, the putter Ronald Reagan used on Air Force One going to the Geneva Summit with President Gorbachev in November of 1985. I contacted RR auction and they immediately put my mind at ease. Appearing on the show ?Selling history? I watched in amazement as the bids came in via phone, computer and in the assembled audience. The bidding was fun, exciting and produced a final bid of $120,000 enough to fund a couple years of my daughters education at MIT. Bobby, the star of the show at RR auction made everyone a winner in this regard. I got a treasured video and a check for over $l00,000 ? and the bidder got a ?one of kind.? I have been in touch with him since and he was very happy. A first rate experience all around! I am looking for more items in the attic! Well done, RR Auction. It was a pleasure working with you ? entertaining and profitable. Let?s do it again! ...

William M.

October 1, 2021 Sue Recks is amazing. - bob: i run a business on multiple continents. on any given day, we I have 1000+ employees on our sites. i deal with hundreds of investment bankers, institutional bankers, contractors, subs, etc. rarely am i overly impressed with anyone. sue recks is amazing. she is always on top of her stuff. she is super communicative. she is incredibly responsible. all good. ...


September 28, 2021 - Dear Fiona, How can I express my gratitude for your honesty and kindness. You saved me alot of money. I have to admit, you have made it impossible to consider another auction house. You are truly special to RR Auction. With much appreciation, Mitchell...

September 3, 2021 - Bob ? enjoyed our visit Mon. You and your associates have done an exceptional job of creating an auction that offers some of the most outstanding items available this year. I want to call attention to what a fine job Sue Recks has done helping me as a new bidder get acclimated to the RR process quickly and effectively. Plus I really enjoyed my visit with Bobby. Here?s wishing you all the best in your upcoming September event!...

RR Consignor

July 22, 2021 - Just wanted to thank you and your team for letting me sell those items and for making it a smooth process! It was hard to believe how much the Zeppelin album sold for haha but I?m glad to see it did well. ...

July 15, 2021 - Hello Fiona, Thanks for this list of items confirmed for consignment in August''s auction. I greatly appreciate the consistently fine work done by your researcher and copy writer. Have a great weekend! BART...

June 24, 2021 - Bob, I can?t thank you enough for the outstanding service you and your staff (especially Fiona) provided during the auction process. Everyone was so professional and courteous. And the results were great! You are terrific to deal with, Bob, and I will have more autographs for you in the future. Again, I so appreciate your kindness and friendship. Warmest regards,Bert...

Got my check today! - Hello Bob and Fiona,Just wanted to tell you that the payoff check just arrived. I love doing business with professional people. It took some of the sentimental sting out of parting with that item. Many thanks ...


Consignor likes his item descriptions written by RR researchers -

Looks great, you guys. RR does a great job! I am glad that I found you. Love the catalog. Great job. I am very happy doing business with RR. Thanks!


Jeff L., Tacoma, WA (2018)

Consignor is 'so pleased with results' - We are so pleased with the results; many thanks are due to you and your excellent staff for "selling" the items so well!...

Diana C., Pennsylvania (2018)

'Super happy with the letter' -

I have enjoyed dealing with RR. The people are super helpful and knowledgeable. The [item] was exactly what I wanted – had to stretch my budget a bit more, but it was worth it. Again, super happy with the letter.


Matt B., Vicksburg, MI (2018)

RR shipping service is second to none -

-- "Killer Customer Service! Everything arrived super! Thanks Sue!!!" -- Dan


-- "Hi Linda - just to let you know that the parcel has arrived safe and sound. Once again a real pleasure to do business with your company. Many thanks" -- Richard


-- "Sue, received my items last week, very impressed with how securely everything was packaged. I look forward to working with RR again in the near future. Thanks" -- Dave


three buyers in 2018

'an excellent job all around' -

New Bidder Survey: 5 out of 5. Comments: "You do an excellent job all around, including follow up and customer service. My best suggestion is keep up the excellent work."


Michael H., Marietta, GA (2018)

First-time bidder has 'perfect' experience -

New Bidder Survey: 5 out of 5. Comments: "From auction to employees. Perfect. For a timed auction it was better than others I've done. You actually ended it when the time expired. Everyone I talked to were overly helpful. And I talked to at least four different people so it's nice to know everyone is on the same page when talking with customers."



Frank P., Philadelphia, PA (2018)

Marilyn Monroe collector loves RR experience -

I am very pleased with the auction results achieved on my two Marilyn Monroe consignments. I want to thank you and the rest of the team at RR Auction for your incredible professionalism and wonderfully efficient service during this process. It is truly delightful that it has all run so seamlessly!

I know that after this positive overall experience, I would love to consign with your auction house again in future.


Dionne A., New Zealand (2017)

Noted space artifact collector pleased with relationship -

You guys are the best space auction gallery to work with, and I am pleased to have RR as my primary space auction agent.


Ken H., Merritt Island, FL (2017)

'Extremely happy with your services' -

You are by far the most professional auction house I have worked with and have been extremely happy with your services.


William G., Spartanburg, S.C. (2018)

Research and writing team does 'a job very well done' -

This write-up is extremely well thought out and beautifully presented. Thanks to you and your research/writing team for a job very well done. You have made my piece, already appealing in and of itself, even more so; and I truly appreciate your efforts.

You folks have been doing a fine job for me regarding a number of consignments during the course of many years, but this description stands out.


Daniel S., Lawrence, NY (2017)

'Would recommend to collectors and community' -

I just want to give a big shout-out to all employees and services at RR Auction.

I’ve been communicating with Linda Hernandez for some time now and she is always eager to help. I imagine it is the same with all employees.

It’s the kind of company I would really recommend to my collectors friends and community.

Again congrats on a superb job.


Theodore A., Athens, Greece (2017)

'Level of professionalism second to none' -

I have used RR auction for the past 5 years and have yet to be disappointed. I have both purchased and consigned items here and have found the level of professionalism to be second to none. Featured items are described perfectly and come with the prominence that you expect from a top auction house. I would highly recommend RR to any collector of fine items.


Tony F., Boston, MA (2016)

'Impressed with their professionalism and expertise' -

I have purchased numerous items from RR Auction over the years and I have always been impressed with their professionalism and expertise in all areas, from NASA space artifacts to autographs of famous individuals.

Every item I have purchased has arrived exactly as promised and I have never had an issue with provenance. I enjoy doing business with them and will continue to do so in the future.


David B., Manchester, NH (2016)

Decade-long client: 'Their word is as good as gold' -

I've been dealing with RR Auction for almost 10 years now; they are top-notch. Easy to work with – [my sales rep] is wonderful. Bob Eaton the owner is super easy to work with, and Bobby Livingston travels to me to pick up some of the more valuable items that I auction with RR.  Even when Bobby doesn't come out, it is super easy to send them stuff via Fed Ex or USPS.

They are great at communicating, and their copy department does wonderful write ups.

Most importantly, as a consignor, they pay on time or even early.   

RR Auction is a fantastic company to work with and their word is as good as gold – like the old days!


Jeff T., Beverly Hills, CA (2016)

'Very reliable and trustworthy' -

I have been dealing with RR Auction since the early 1990s, both as a buyer and as a seller. I have found them very reliable and trustworthy and in the rare times there is a problem, they have gone out of their way to make things right. They take great care to ensure the items they auction are authentic and in good condition. Their staff really knows their stuff and they must work very hard to sell tens of thousands of items every year in their monthly auctions.

Whoever does their shipping goes to great care to package items up -- as I've never had anything arrived damaged. Keep up the good work!


Trace V., Los Angeles, CA (2017)

'Unrivaled experience, dedication and genuine passion' -

Well-known by industry experts as a leader among its peers, I'm moved to share a more personal review of RR Auction after my extraordinary experience.

As I considered what to do with a family heirloom of surprising historic significance, I reached out to several 'experts,' but it was not until I was connected with RR Auction that I finally received the very best information and options, delivered with genuine empathy and patience. Once uneasy about how to preserve an important and unexpected find, I cannot be at greater ease and comfort thanks to RR Auction, its extraordinary team and their unrivaled experience, dedication and genuine passion for their work.


Josh L., San Francisco, CA (2017)

'A respectful, well-researched project' -

Regarding the Prince auction: You guys did a great job with the really interesting slice of items you had available here. It really felt like a respectful, well-researched project, and not just a slapdash affair that some (even really high-end) auction houses sometimes do. Kudos for giving the artist, items, consignors – and in my opinion, via our interactions, the fans – all respect due.


Ben Margolin, (2017)

'Honored to own a piece of history' - "When we opened the [item] it nearly took my breath away. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I AM SO HONORED TO OWN A  PIECE OF HISTORY SUCH AS THIS! Whoever packs all these [items] sure does a great job. Thank you all so much. I'm sure I'll be back again!"...

Lydia LK, Baltimore, MD (2017)

'Best in the business' -

"Thank you for the best service in the auction business!"


Markus B., Switzerland (2017)

First-time collector has 'great experience' -

Thanks for the great experience with RR.  I wasn't sure about the 30 minute rule, but after experiencing it, I like it.  The speed at which items were invoiced and shipped was great and the packing job was fantastic!


Phil L., Anchorage, AK (2018)

Research writers bring history to life - A very good description of [James Garfield's] journey and purposes for his trip, plus the activities taking place in Washington and Congress has been creating a great deal of questions from both sides of the aisle.
Thank you for the fine job that [RR is] doing with these Presidential letters....

Gene E., Dobson, N.C. (2018)

You guys have certainly earned the praise from me! -

I have won items on RR Auctions twice. Both times they were extremely flexible and responsive to my suggestions regarding shipping etc. In both cases I have had extremely fast shipping and for very reasonable prices. Most importantly I get email responses within 30 minutes, and that is across the Atlantic. Awesome service.


Dwight from Germany  


Dealing with RR is a marked difference to the norm and your professionalism is reassuring (R & R Auctions reviews) -

Thank you Linda,

It will be interesting to see how these progress….they are certainly different from the usual Buzz 8x10’s but maybe not what the browsing collector may wish for? Still, let’s wait and see and thanks for all your help. Dealing with RR is a marked difference to the norm and your professionalism is reassuring.

Best wishes and thank you



It was a great experience and I will spread the word about RR Auction review -

RR Auction I want to thank everyone I was in contact with on your last auction. It was a great experience and I will spread the word.I received my Magic Sam item today and couldn't be more delighted. 

Sincerely, Brian  (May 2014)


RRAuction who set a new standard for customer service in the autograph field -

Dear Adam

Thank you for your help. I just received the packet and everything is to my

full satisfaction.  Always a pleasure to work with RRAuction who set a new standard for customer

service in the autograph field. 

Kind regards

Markus 5/2014


Quality material + customer service and class = success -

Hi Bob and Bobby,

Thank you so much for the gift basket and the generous check. Much appreciated. As I tell everyone, RR is a class operation and there is a reason why you are so successful. Quality material + customer service and class = success.

Thanks again and best regards for a very prosperous 2014!



#1 fan of R&R - Bob,My son and his girlfriend have been visiting since Dec. 26.....they just left today. It was really great to see him (he lives in Ca.), and we kind of spent every spare moment with them. Now, I can get to digging up some stuff and photoing it for you! My best, and thanks so much for the Harry and David stuff this are a class act, and the candy was delicious....

Best, Doug

You folks are terrific, I tell everybody. -

Congratulations on Sgt. Pepper last week! You folks are terrific, I tell everybody.


All the best, Joe

Unfortunately I have an enormous problem ...... -

Morning Mandy, Adam,

Just thought I'd let you know that the package with the Pasteur letter, Schumachers racing boots and Ringo Starr's boots arrived safely over the weekend.

Unfortunately I have an enormous problem ......

I simply can't decide which I am most impressed by

What a dilemma ????

MANY thanks and all the best



HOLY MANATEE !!...YOU have added sizzle to the auction process! - Erika -I did not think Dan and your crew could improve on the narrative of the prior month - HOLY MANATEE !! You did it !! Excellent narratives all around for the April 426 !!In the recent months I have found the narratives have improved significantly ! Stay warm - throw another log on the fire !!...


Bravo, team! -

My catalog arrived and I got a chance to sit down and go through it last night. I think you guys did a fabulous job! I like the way you arranged the groupings, and the way you emphasized the most important items. The lay-out and presentation are first-rate.

Please convey my congratulations to everyone who participated: research, formatting and execution.


Yours, Larry guys are great and have been for 30 years! -

Not worried about me at all....I'd love to see Denise realize the most from her documents and RR is the only way to go in my guys are great and have been for 30 years!


John W.

To all at R&R Auctions, -

I so appreciate your reaction to my concern. You have no idea the comfort you have given me. As you know, I am a long time customer and your customer service is phenomenal. Thank you again for your attention to this ALS.


L. S.