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Since our inception autographs have been our specialty, and RR Auction is the go-to place to sell your signatures, signed photos, and more.

For many years, RR's slogan was "America's Autograph Auction." Autographs are how we built our stellar reputation in the memorabilia industry. Although we've expanded our horizons, they remain the foundation of our business today. Our experience informs everything we do. How much is a Babe Ruth autograph worth? We use years of pricing data to determine an accurate value. Is this John F. Kennedy signature authentic or autopen? You can trust our experts to tell the difference. It’s the museum-quality pieces that dominate the headlines, but you don’t need $200K to participate in our autograph auctions. Many items start at $200, providing opportunities for beginning collectors, seasoned connoisseurs, or those in search of a one-off gift for a history buff. If you are looking to buy or sell autographs, RR Auction is the place to be.



Top Sellers

We offer a wide variety of autographs and manuscripts from influential figures in the fields of science to the actors and actresses of the big screen. Take for instance this autographed letter by Albert Einstein in which he pens his famous equation “E = mc²” in his own hand. Written in German, this letter was sent to Ludwilk Silberstein with Einstein explaining that the famous formula will help answer Silberstein’s question. This letter with one of the world’s most recognizable equations sold for an exponential $1,243,708.

We have also offered letters that haven’t been to market for many decades, such as this handwritten and autographed letter from famed composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. This letter, dated September 24, 1815, showcases Beethoven asking his librettist to help secure him two hundred gold ducats payment for their planned opera ‘Romulus and Remus.’ Unfortunately, ‘Romulus and Remus’ never came to fruition, making this letter an intriguing insight into the mind of the musical genius. This extremely important letter made a stunning $251,240 at auction in April 2022

RR Auction has also had the pleasure of handling several archives of precious autographs, with one of our highest sellers being this autograph album collection that realized $287,194. This stellar collection of over 600 autograph albums contains more than 24,000 individual signatures of celebrities obtained from the 1940s onwards. You can find the signatures of cinema greats like Al Pacino and Natalie Wood, musicians including Aerosmith and Johnny Cash, sports stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Wayne Gretzky, and even those outside the world of entertainment and sports like Dr. Seuss and Hillary Clinton. 

Space is another area we excel in, with highly sought after pieces like this Neil Armstrong signed photograph that sold for $56,301. This photo was taken during the Apollo 11 mission and showcases Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon’s surface next to the leg of the lunar lander. This marvelous collector’s piece sold for $56,301 at our October 2016 Space and Aviation auction.

Another holy grail find was this Mickey Mantle signed 1952 Topps Baseball rookie card. In the 1980s, autograph collecting was not a popular hobby, and it was believed signing autographs on baseball cards would devalue the card. While Mantle was often approached for autographs, many people would have him sign other objects such as baseballs and photos. The scarcity of signed baseball cards from “The Mick” makes this card a coveted piece of sports memorabilia.

Presidential manuscripts have also been highly coveted by our buyers, such as this handwritten draft of John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing his intention to run for presidency in 1960. This draft was written on North Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach, Florida stationary and is three pages in length. Kennedy makes several corrections and strikes several words from the text, which are incorporated into the speech’s final version that was delivered on January 2, 1960.

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