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Apollo 15 Lunar Surface-Flown LM Systems Data Book - From the Personal Collection of Dave Scott

"Flown to the lunar surface for 3 days during Apollo 15"—book of oversized, mission-critical Lunar Module schematics from Commander Dave Scott's personal collection

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"Flown to the lunar surface for 3 days during Apollo 15"—book of oversized, mission-critical Lunar Module schematics from Commander Dave Scott's personal collection

Dave Scott's ring-bound flown "Apollo 15 LM Systems Data Book" carried to the lunar surface during the Apollo 15 mission, 8.5 x 10.5, containing 45 pages (many being large fold-out schematics) between two heavier cardstock covers, signed and flight-certified on the front cover in blue ballpoint, "Flown to the lunar surface for 3 days during Apollo 15, July 26-August 7, 1971, Dave Scott, Apollo 15 CDR." The book is identified on the cover as "Part No. SKB32100116-385, S/N 1001." Tabs along the edge identify each page—which are predominately fold-out diagrams and schematics for various systems onboard the Lunar Module (LM) and Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV)—such as "Lighting," "Pyro," "EMU," "Comm," "Overview G&N," "Sig Flow," "RCS Mech," "LRV Steer Elect," "LCRU," and others. This is the last complete LM Systems Data Book left in an astronaut's private hands; most of the rest are either in museums or have been broken up. In fine condition.

Accompanied by a detailed letter of provenance signed by Dave Scott, in part: "I hereby certify that the 'LM Systems Data' book included with this letter was used throughout the 12-day Apollo 15 mission, including the lunar surface for three days during the first extended scientific exploration of the Moon, July 26 - August 7, 1971…This Systems Data book was necessary to monitor and correct any discrepancies or failure modes in the LM, including close coordination with the Mission Control Center MCC. Among other topics, included are summaries of Mission Rules, Go-no-Go criteria, switches, circuit breakers, and systems for the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (suit), and the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). This 45-page comprehensive book contains 44 tabbed fold-out pages, many of which are 3 feet long containing up to 7 linked panels of detailed systems diagrams, illustrations, and procedures. These pages included Mission Rules, Circuit Breaker Function/Effect Drawings, and 32 detailed schematics of every system in the Lunar Module, including the electrical, environmental, communications, caution and warning, instrumentation, G&N, SCS, AGS, RCS, descent and ascent propulsion, all RV systems, and the systems within the EMU. These pages also contain illustrations of views of the Scientific Instrument Bay (Sim Bay) in the Command and Service Module (CM) such that they can be inspected and photographed from the LM during flight.

As an example of utility of the Systems Data book, during our wake-up call from MCC on the morning of EVA No. 2, CapCom Gordon Fullerton sent the following message: '138:04:15 Fullerton: Rog, First thing we've been concerned about - I guess we'll start off with this - is, according to our data, you lost about 25 pounds of water during the post-EVA yesterday; and, it appears that it leaked out during that problem you had with the broken bacteria filter. What we're wondering is if you've looked around carefully in the cabin, and noticed any sign of that 25 pounds of water. We suggest looking back behind the ascent engine cover, because it possibly would have run back there (because of the LM tilt) and not have been obvious to you. Over.'

In the event communications with MCC were lost, the crew could determine the source and severity of the water leak from the LM Systems Data book: H20, 2 COOLING, ENVIRONMENTAL H2O SUPPLY/GLYCOL LOOP (page 15), and EMU, 1 EMU EXTRAVEHICULAR MOBILITY UNIT DETAILED SCHEMATIC (page 16)…As the mission commander of Apollo 15, I was responsible for the handling, use and dissemination of the Flight Data File (FDF), as such, this 'LM Systems Data' book has been in my personal collection since NASA presented it to me upon our return to Earth."

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