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Misfits Stage-Used 'Fiend Skull' Speaker Cloth Signed by Doyle


Amazing stage-used ‘Fiend Skull’ speaker cloth removed from a speaker cabinet used by horror punk legends the Misfits. The grille cloth measures 26.25 x 39.75, prominently features the band’s iconic off-white skull logo, and is signed in the lower right corner in gold ink by guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Also included is a semi-glossy 8.5 x 11 paperstock photo of Doyle, which is signed in red felt tip and shows four similar speaker covers in the background. In fine condition.

The recipient of this speaker cover, Daniel Rey, produced both albums that the reunited Misfits did with replacement vocalist Michale Graves—1997’s American Psycho and 1999’s Famous Monsters.

The Misfits inadvertently found their fiendish mascot when they released their 1979 single ‘Horror Business,’ which featured on its front cover a skeletal figure inspired by the titular character from the 1946 film serial The Crimson Ghost. The imagery stuck and the ‘Fiend Skull,’ as it’s been coined, has been used as the official Misfits logo ever since.

From the Ramones and Punk Collection of Daniel Rey, and accompanied by a letter of provenance.

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  • Auction Title: The Ramones collection of Daniel Rey
  • Dates: #626 - Ended September 25, 2021