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Lot #6019
Macintosh Poster Designed by Jean-Michel Folon (Early 1980s)

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Fantastic original color 22.5″ x 30″ poster entitled 'The Spirit of Macintosh' designed by Jean-Michel Folon, featuring the 'Macintosh Man' soaring over the horizon, with "The Spirit of Macintosh" printed below in seven languages. The artist's facsimile signature, "Folon," is printed in the lower right corner. Framed and in fine condition. Jobs originally hired noted Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon to develop a logo for the new Macintosh computer, paying him a $30,000 advance. Folon came up with a friendly character called the 'Mac Man' and depicted him in a color pastel drawing entitled 'The Macintosh Spirit,' which was turned into this poster. Ultimately, Jobs scrapped Folon's concept and decided to have the logo developed by John Casado and Tom Hughes, who produced the Matisse-inspired line drawing of the computer (commonly known as the 'Picasso Mac') remembered today.

Manock notes: "Ironically, I went to third grade with John Casado at 54th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA. There, while we were drawing stick figures of people, John was drawing beautiful and accurate sketches of (for example) human hands. I did not know he did the Mac 'Picasso' logo until the project was almost over!" From the collection of product design engineer Jerrold C. Manock, and accompanied by a letter of provenance signed by Manock.

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  • Auction Title: Steve Jobs
  • Dates: #579 - Ended March 12, 2020