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Space Exploration and Aviation

Auction Closed October 19, 2023 (Auction Details)
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- Take your collection to new heights with RR Auction's autumn space sale! Following in the footsteps of our record-setting spring space and aviation auction, this sale is led by a one-of-a-kind treasure from the Apollo program: Charlie Duke's Apollo 16 lunar surface-used moon rock scoop, extensively used throughout the mission to collect dozens of samples, including 'Big Muley,' the largest moon rock returned by Apollo. Other highlights include Scott Carpenter’s flown Mercury-Atlas 7 onboard satellite clock, Dave Scott's Apollo 15 complete lunar surface-flown LM Systems Data Book, a rare Apollo DSKY, and a fine assortment of flown flags, Robbins medallions, and significant astronaut autographs. RR Auction is a globally recognized and trusted auction house specializing in historical autographs and artifacts, and is known as a space market leader.

This is a timed auction.

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