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Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware

Auction Closed August 24, 2023 (Auction Details)
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- RR Auction's wide-ranging Apple, Steve Jobs, and Vintage Computer Auction chronicles the rise and enduring success of the computer revolution. Amidst the remarkable hardware offered is the first 'mini-computer' in the Bendix G-15, a functional Apple-1 Computer, input devices developed by computer visionary Douglas Engelbart, and never-opened examples of the first Nintendo and iPhone. Important autographs include an ultra-early Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak signed check from 1976, Steve Jobs' handwritten draft for an Apple-1 advertisement, and a Steve Jobs signed document for development of the Macintosh word processor. RR Auction is a worldwide leader in the sales of Apple-1 Computers, Steve Jobs autographs, and historic computer hardware.

This is a timed auction.

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