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French industrialist (1878-1935) best remembered for the make of car bearing his name. Untranslated ALS in French, one page both sides, 6 x 3.75, Rue Octave Feuillet stationery card, January 19, 1931. In very good to fine condition, with light overall staining, and a central vertical fold.

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Austrian technical automobile designer and entrepreneur (1909-1998) and the son of the renowned Volkswagen and Porsche founder. Glossy 4.75 x 6.75 half-length photo of Ferry Porsche seated at his desk, signed in silver ink, "F. Porsche." In fine condition.

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Civil engineer, industrialist, and entrepreneur (1808-1874) who led the Pennsylvania Railroad from 1852 until his death, developing it into one of the largest business enterprises in America and a world-class model for technological and managerial innovation. Uncommon manuscript DS, signed “J. Edgar Thomson, Prest.,” three pages on two adjoining sheets, 9 x 15.75, April 30, 1867. Inden…

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