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Significant ALS, one page both sides, 7.25 x 8.75, February 2, 1784. Letter written from The Hague while serving as first US Minister to the Netherlands, to Governor George Clinton of New York, in defense of James Jay, the brother of John Jay. In full: "Mr. Charles W. Shubert de Rawitz in Poland proposes to embark in March for New York, and there to establish himself in Trade, chiefly in German l…

Sold For: $13,816 (w/BP) Auction #603 - February 18, 2021 View Details

Partly-printed vellum DS as president, one page, 13.25 x 15, May 3, 1800. President Adams, "in consideration of military service performed by Christopher Tompkins (a Subaltern for three years) to the United States, in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment," grants a plot of land "containing One thousand six hundred sixty six and two thirds acres situate between the Little Miami and Sciot…

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Rare manuscript DS, signed “J. Adams,” one page, 7.5 x 3, January 22, 1825. Receipt of a pay order issued by presidential nominee John Quincy Adams to his father, in full: "Received of George Washington Adams-Agent for John Quincy Adams two hundred and fifty dollars for the quarter ending on the 1st instant." Signed boldly at the conclusion by John Adams. The document has been profess…

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Attractive ink signature, "John Adams,” on an off-white 4 x .75 sheet. Matted and framed with an engraving to an overall size of 8.75 x 10.75. In fine condition, with scattered light toning.

Sold For: $5,470 (w/BP) Auction #603 - February 18, 2021 View Details