Therese Stoulil Prince Collection

“He was an extremely smart, articulate man with a very, very quick wit. He was driven by his creativity—there was always the next record, the next video, the next tour—it was 24/7. I will treasure those memories as well as the lifelong friendships I have to this day because of Prince and working at Paisley Park” 

Therese Stoulil was hired by PRN Productions as Production Coordinator in 1986 and spent the next decade working for Prince. When he moved into Paisley Park in 1987, Stoulil’s first project was cataloguing all recordings before filing them in the vault. On most mornings, she came to work to find a cassette on her desk signaling her to type up the lyrics of a song he had recorded the night before. In 1989, she would become Prince’s personal assistant and handle all elements of his personal and professional life until 1996. In these positions, she had the privilege of listening to nearly everything Prince recorded from 1986–1996. In addition to working on hundreds of unreleased recordings, she worked on the Batman soundtrack, Graffiti Bridge, Sign o’ the Times, the Black Album, and Diamonds and Pearls. 

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