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Why sell Presidential collectibles, autographs, political memorabilia with us?

RR Auction is the leader in historical and presidential collectibles. We achieve top dollar and record-breaking results for our consignors, due to our elite buyers who are passionate about history and growing their collections. When you sell US Presidential collectibles with RR, you share in our success at auction.

RR Auction is known for our selection of incredibly well-preserved and curated autographs and artifacts – historic signed documents and manuscripts relating to US Presidents, dating back to American colonial times. From Gen. George Washington, to those who serve in Washington in this century, we have the Rare and Remarkable items from these history-making political figures.

Collector Raleigh DeGeer Amyx entrusted RR Auction to curate his astonishing lifetime collection of US President artifacts in 2014. Some of the incredible resulting sales included:

RR seeks any kind of presidential paraphernalia that captures an individual, a historical event, or a time and place with its significance: Autographs, rare photographs, handwritten correspondences, documents and manuscripts; as well as personally owned and worn clothing, jewelry and accessories (presidents and First Ladies) – and other glimpses into the working and private lives of the leaders of the free world.

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