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Autographs, manuscripts and related memorabilia

Our autograph and manuscript auctions occur every month and RR Auction is the leading marketplace for these types of materials. Over 40 years of auctions have proven that we consistently bring new and exciting items to a huge collecting clientele around the world. The material we offer is vetted by in-house and third-party experts which are displayed on each lot we sell, providing assurance of the authenticity to our buyers and giving our sellers the confidence to consign.

RR Auction’s specialty is on presidents and historical figures, music, entertainment, literature, space, and sports. Handling well over 1,000 autographs each month, we have sold some real treasures—John F. Kennedy’s diary from the historic summer of 1945, the literary archives of Godfather author Mario Puzo, Steve Wozniak’s hand-drawn Apple II prototype schematics, Babe Ruth’s signed 1932 contract with the New York Yankees, autograph letters by Albert Einstein, signed photos of Marilyn Monroe, and so much more.

Although it’s the museum-quality pieces that dominate the headlines, you don’t need $200K to participate in our autograph auctions. Many items start at $200, providing opportunities for beginning collectors, seasoned connoisseurs, or those in search of a one-off gift for a history buff. If you are looking to buy or sell autographs, RR Auction is the place to be.