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Every person alive remembers the animated films, cartoons and comic books of their childhood. Those heartwarming images leave an indelible mark on our memories, and evoke that time in our lives again and again. When you sell animation items with RR Auction – whether it’s production cels, original art, or other illustration items – you reach a global audience of people as passionate about animation as you are.

RR’s Animation expert: Harry Kleiman

Our Animation expert Harry Kleiman is a passionate fan of the art of illustration. Since childhood, Harry has loved animation and has met many of his heroes and the legends of the craft, including William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Walter Lantz, Jay Ward, and dozens more of the biggest names in animation. As an adult, Harry has accumulated, bought and sold an impressive collection of animation memorabilia that’s incredible in its breadth and rarity. We’re pleased to offer his expertise and incredible selection of historic animation collectibles at auction, and value his insight into our consignments.

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In addition to the items shown above, past animation sales success has included:

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