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Pre-Certified FAQ

Q: What does pre-certified mean?
A: Pre-certified means that, in addition to RRAuction, a third-party authenticator has seen the item and deemed it to be authentic. The item is eligible to receive a full third-party LOA (Letter of Authenticity) for an additional fee.

Q: What is the difference between an RRAuction AC and a third-party authenticator LOA?
A: An RRAuction AC (Auction Certificate) warrantees each item we sell as authentic. A third-party Full LOA is a second opinion from a respected autograph professional specializing in a particular field of study further validating RRAuction's findings.

Q: Why has RRAuction chosen to provide this new service?
A: When our third-party authenticators decided that they were no longer able to provide Auction LOAs, we wanted to provide customers with another available option.

Q: If an item is pre-certified do I have to purchase a Full LOA?
A: No, pre-certification is merely a statement of the item's eligibility. The decision to purchase the LOA is entirely up to you.

Q: What is the difference between an Auction LOA and a Full LOA?
A: Previously provided free third-party Auction LOAs were essentially an offer to upgrade to a Full LOA. In contrast, each Full LOA (provided at a fee) features a photo of the specific item and registers it in the authenticator's database.

Q: Why is there a fee involved when the Auction LOAs provided previously were free?
A: Due to the discontinuation of the free Auction LOA program, our third-party authenticators have now introduced the fee-based Full LOA program. RRAuction will now be facilitating the process of obtaining additional documentation on your behalf should you be interested.

Q: Will you still be providing free RRAuction ACs for each item?
A: Yes, every item we sell will be accompanied by our RRAuction AC (Auction Certificate).

Q: Why are some items pre-certified and some are not?
A: Our authenticators review specific material. Almost all sports autographs are reviewed by PSA/DNA (notable exceptions include large group lots or autograph albums where review of all items would be too cumbersome). Roger Epperson reviews a specific set of contemporary music personalities usually of a higher sales value and/or within his area of expertise. John Reznikoff reviews all presidents from Washington to Nixon and any qualifing historically-significant item within his area of expertise.

Q: If an item is not pre-certified may I still obtain a third-party LOA?
A: Likely yes, however it depends upon the item. Please contact [email protected] prior to the close of the auction for further details regarding specific items.

Q: Why are some PSA/DNA LOAs more expensive than others?
A: The retail price for a full PSA LOA is based on a formula that PSA has developed. As a rule, the more valuable the item is, the more expensive the PSA LOA.

Q: Can I obtain Full LOAs for items previously purchased from RRAuction.
A: Yes. Items are eligible if accompanied by our third-party authenticator's Auction LOA at the time of purchase. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

Q: Why should I buy PSA LOAs through RRAuction if I already get a discount from PSA?
A: Because RRAuction will handle the entire transaction for you. There will be no extra shipping costs (excluding encapsulations) and a quick turnaround time. Your documentation will arrive with your winnings.

Q: Does offering third-party authentication LOAs diminish the value of an RRAuction AC?
A: Absolutely not. RRAuction's experts carefully review and support each item. We take pride in our AC. Some collectors simply prefer to have additional assurance.

Q: How do I order an LOA for an item I win?
A: If at all possible please contact [email protected] prior to the close of the auction to notify us of your interest should you win a particular item. Otherwise, please notify [email protected] immediately upon the receipt of your auction invoice.

Q: How much does the LOA cost?
LOA prices range from $20 - $500. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Q: Will I be receiving any third-party documentation noting that an item has been pre-certified?
A: No, our third-party authenticators have ceased issuing free Auction LOAs. You will, however, receive an RRAuction AC warranteeing each item's authenticity.