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Contractor Mission Set of Promotional Brochures

The brands that put a man on the moon, including Omega and Fisher
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The brands that put a man on the moon, including Omega and Fisher

Extremely informative collection of press and public relation packages from a variety of companies involved with creating equipment for the Apollo program, including: an Omega Watch Company press folder with releases for the “Astronaut's Watch”; a Fisher Pen Company folder with releases for the anti-gravity Fisher Space Pen; a Hamilton Standard folder with releases and photos for the Project Apollo Portable Life Support System; a Collins folder with brochure, release, and photos for the “Apollo Command Module Communication and Data System” and “Apollo Unified S-Band Tracking and Communication System”; a Whirlpool Corporation folder with releases, brochure, and photos for “Food Management in Space”; an RCA News folder with releases and photos for various systems like the LM Communications System, VHF Communications, Extra Vehicular Communications System, and LM Landing Radar; a McDonnell Douglas Corporation folder with releases and photos for the production of the S IVB/V third stage; a General Electrics folder with releases and photos relating to GE contributions to Apollo, GE milestones in space, and benefits from space; and AC Electronics/General Motors folder with releases and info packets for the guidance and navigation systems aboard the command and lunar modules. In overall very good to fine condition. NASA looked to the entirety of the American work force when it came to sending astronauts into space. They employed a host of well-known, dependable contractors to design, construct, and deliver equipment that would not only send men to the moon, but give them the capability of communicating back to Earth their first steps. From wrist watches and space pens to rocket boosters and navigation systems, NASA ensured that all mission equipment was of the utmost quality—these contractors in turn earned the high profile distinction of assisting America's greatest technological adventure. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC. View Dan's many Collect Space posts here. Engineer Dan Schaiewitz gives us a fascinating firsthand glimpse into his experiences on the cutting edge of space exploration during the Apollo missions, in this podcast.

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