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Space Shuttle Thermal Micrometeorite Garment Glove

Shuttle TMG glove prototype
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Shuttle TMG glove prototype

Space Shuttle–era white Thermal Micrometeorite Garment (TMG) glove, measuring approximately 14.5 x 7, featuring silicon fingertips and a Velcro-close pocket over the knuckle area likely used to hold a protective mitten. In fine condition, with scattered staining. Item has been additionally verified by an ILC Dover company historian. International Latex Corporation (ILC) produced the A7L spacesuit used throughout the Apollo program and continues to develop spacesuits for NASA to this day. This glove is unlabeled and so likely made by ILC as a development glove or prototype. The TMG is the outermost layer of the spacesuit and provides insulation, radiation shielding, and protection from micrometeorites that could otherwise puncture the suit. An interesting Shuttle spacesuit piece.

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  • Dates: #474 - Ended April 21, 2016