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Lot #3047
Apple MacBook Pro (Unopened 1st Generation Intel, 2GB) 17-inch

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Unopened original first-generation aluminum 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro (2GB), Part No. Z0CP00008, Serial No. W86382GZTJ1, Model A1151. The top of the box shows the laptop open from the left side, the underside shows its screen and keyboard, the bottom bears an affixed parts label, and the right side lists Intel Core Duo performance, a built-in iSight camera, and the Apple Remote. In brand new, factory-sealed condition. Accompanied by its original shipping box.

The original 15-inch MacBook Pro was announced on January 10, 2006, by Steve Jobs at the Macworld Conference & Expo, with its 17-inch model unveiled on April 24, 2006. Its first design was largely a carryover from the PowerBook G4 but with Intel Core CPUs instead of PowerPC G4 chips, a modification that allowed Apple to leverage the advancements in processor technology, resulting in faster and more efficient computing. Steve Jobs acknowledged the challenges of transitioning the entire Mac product line to Intel processors, but he was confident that the move would improve performance, increase power efficiency, and solve compatibility issues — he was right.

As high on Intel as Jobs was, he still didn’t feel it necessary to slap an ‘Intel Inside’ sticker on his computers: ‘Don't get me wrong. We love working with Intel. We're very proud to ship Intel products in Macs. I mean, they are screamers. And combined with our operating system, we've really tuned them well together, so we're really proud of that. It's just that everyone knows we're using Intel processors, and so I think putting a lot of stickers on the box is just redundant. We'd rather tell them about the product inside the box, and they know it's got an Intel processor.’

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  • Auction Title: Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution
  • Dates: #690 - Ended March 21, 2024