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Lot #5012
Functional Apple Lisa 2/10 Computer With Original Box

Functional Apple Lisa 2/10—the feature-rich predecessor of the Macintosh

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Functional Apple Lisa 2/10—the feature-rich predecessor of the Macintosh

Desirable working Apple Lisa 2/10 computer, with Apple label reading: "Serial No: A4193593, Applenet No: 00110676, Manufactured: 4193." Includes its original box, labeled with the matching serial number. The computer remains in working condition. Complete with a keyboard and mouse.

The Apple Lisa 2/10, released in 1984, boasted advanced features that were revolutionary for its time. Its 12-inch monochrome display with a resolution of 720x364 pixels offered crisp and clear graphics, setting new standards for graphical user interfaces. The Lisa 2/10 was equipped with an impressive 5-megahertz Motorola 68000 processor, delivering robust performance for its era.

This computer holds a special place in computing history not only for its technological advancements but also due to its limited production run. Apple produced a relatively small number of Lisa 2/10 units, estimated to be around 10,000. This exclusivity contributes to its desirability among collectors and technology enthusiasts. The Lisa 2/10 was primarily intended for business and professional use, offering powerful capabilities for tasks such as document creation, spreadsheet analysis, and graphical presentations. It was often utilized in corporate environments and educational institutions, where its advanced graphical user interface and productivity software made it an attractive choice for those seeking a more intuitive computing experience. Today, the Apple Lisa 2/10 remains a sought-after piece of computing history, embodying the pioneering spirit that revolutionized personal computing as we know it.

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  • Auction Title: Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware
  • Dates: #673 - Ended August 24, 2023