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Bendix G-15, the First Mini-Computer (the third built in 1956)

Rare, complete example of the Bendix G-15 mini-computer—the third built in 1956

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Rare, complete example of the Bendix G-15 mini-computer—the third built in 1956

Rare and historic example of the Bendix G-15 computer—considered by some to be the first 'personal computer' since it required just one person to operate. Though smaller than a room-sized mainframe, the Bendix G-15 is still quite large, weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds and measuring about 3' x 5' x 3'. This is the third G-15 that was manufactured and sold by the Bendix Corporation, Computer Division, in 1956. It was originally serial number 3, but was later upgraded by Control Data Corporation, after they purchased the Bendix Computer Division, and rebadged on the front of the machine. The serial number was revised to add a “D” (as was the part number), reflecting the series it was upgraded to. Included with the G-15, also known as their General Purpose Computer, is (1) MTA-2 Magnetic Tape Unit (serial number 120), (1) ANC-2 Terminal Interface Box (serial number 124), (2) Master Writer typewriter terminals (one with a built-in G-15 interface, the other needing the ANC-2), and (1) Bendix tube tester. Cables needed to connect all devices are also included, as is a selection of G-15 literature with operating manuals, programming books, and sales brochures. All items are in fair to good cosmetic condition, but the machines have not been operated since the late 1960s or early 1970s: to make the system operational again would probably require extensive restoration. Note: Winning bidder is responsible for cost of shipping of the system from origin (New Jersey) to destination.

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  • Dates: #673 - Ended August 24, 2023