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Lot #5069
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with Super Mario Bros. Game Pak (Unopened) - Wata 9.0

Never-opened Wata 9.0 Super Mario Bros. Game Pak with original boxed 1986 Nintendo Entertainment System

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Estimate: $45000+
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Never-opened Wata 9.0 Super Mario Bros. Game Pak with original boxed 1986 Nintendo Entertainment System

Original 1986 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in its original box, including the 'Control Deck' gaming console, two controllers, and a never-before-opened Super Mario Brothers game pak, the latter of which is encapsulated in a Wata certification holder with a “9.0” grade and an “NS” seal rating, with label details: “Control Deck Pack-In, *Rev-A, Round SOQ, Staggered UPC, Small Warranty, 5-Digit ZIP, *5 Screw Cart.” Although the QR code on the reverse is partially obscured by the plastic mounting, the game’s code “588637-001,” has been confirmed with WATA as being part of their registry. The Super Mario Bros. game pak and the NES are both encapsulated in a CAS authentication box, which scores the NES with a master grade of “80” and a real grade of “80.1.”

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) debuted in North America in late 1985 when interest in the video game industry had reached its nadir, the result of oversaturation, low-quality games, and the progression of personal computers. To turn the tide, Nintendo placed an emphasis on the production of superior games, a decision that led to the company’s courting of third-party developers and the establishment of strict licensing requirements. This approach attracted many talented developers and ensured the quality of NES games, resulting in a robust library of iconic games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, and, most prominently, Super Mario Bros, which, as a pack-in game, became the system’s flagship title. Due to its popularity, Super Mario Bros. witnessed numerous revisions throughout its lengthy production run, with some changes obvious, and others minor. This version features a Round-SOQ with the Rev-A designation, which indicates that this early copy was manufactured before the switch to the Oval-SOQ was made in March 1989.

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