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Lot #7412
Stuart A. Roosa's Apollo 14 Chocolate Pudding (Attested to as Flown by Roosa's Daughter)

Dessert for the Apollo 14 CMP, chocolate pudding carried into lunar orbit

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Dessert for the Apollo 14 CMP, chocolate pudding carried into lunar orbit

From the personal collection of astronaut Stuart A. Roosa's daughter—a flown package of chocolate pudding that was carried into lunar orbit during the Apollo 14 mission. The package measures 7.25 x 7.25 and features two parts labels: "0363, Chocolate Pudding, 4 oz. cold water, 5-15 minutes" and "Serial No. FAW 923." The package also bears four small swatches of Velcro; their white color indicates that this candy belonged to CMP Roosa. Each Apollo 14 astronaut's consumables were identified with a different color of Velcro, with the Commander in red, the Command Module Pilot in white, and the Lunar Module Pilot in blue-representing the colors of the United States flag. The Velcro was used to attach the food to the spacecraft while floating in zero gravity to the moon and back. In fine condition.

Accompanied by an official NASA lithograph of Roosa in his white space suit, a wooden display box with lid etched with the Apollo 14 insignia, and a notarized letter of authenticity from Roosa's daughter, Rosemary, who attests: "This letter certifies that this space memorabilia is from Apollo 14 Astronaut, Col. Stuart A. Roosa…Chocolate Pudding #0363, Flown for Command Module Pilot, Stuart A. Roosa onboard the Apollo 14 mission from January 31 to February 9, 1971. Serial No. FAW 923."

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  • Auction Title: Space Exploration
  • Dates: #646 - Ended October 20, 2022