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STS-110 Flown Nose Gear Pyro Thruster

Nose gear thruster flown on Space Shuttle Atlantis

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Nose gear thruster flown on Space Shuttle Atlantis

Flown nose landing gear extension pyrotechnic thruster utilized by the Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-110, measuring approximately 12″ x 4.25″ x 3.25″, marked on the top: "Thruster, Pyrotechnic, Nose Gear Extension, NASA Part No. SKD 26100100-205, Mfg Date 09-96, OEA Part No. 2737100-101-03, Mfg Code & TR No. 17610-00026-HCD." The thruster features two threaded ports at the top for pyrotechnic NASA Standard Initiators (NSIs). When the Shuttle's pilot pushes a button in the cockpit, mechanical locks open the bay doors so that the heavy gear begins to fall into landing position. The thruster piston on this device 'follows' the gear as it deploys and then the two NSIs are fired into the thruster. The thruster arm locks the nose landing gear into position, ensuring a safe landing. Accompanied by a NASA Unserviceable Parts Tag for the thruster, stamp-dated May 31, 2002, with remarks: "Ship to JSC EP-5 OV-104 Post Flight 25," and a photocopy of the NASA post-flight shipping document from KSC to JSC. Originates from the collection of a retired NASA Astronaut.

STS-110, an International Space Station assembly mission, marked the 25th flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis (OV-104). Launched on April 10, 2002, the astronauts conducted four spacewalks during the ten-day mission to install the S0 Truss segment (the backbone of the truss structure on the ISS), reconfigure Canadarm2 for the truss, and install future EVA hardware. Atlantis landed safely at the Merritt Island Shuttle Landing Facility on April 19, 2002, its nose landing gear properly deployed.

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