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NASA Red-Numbered Photograph Collection of (438)

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Large collection of over 400 official glossy red-numbered NASA photos, 8 x 10 to 8 x 11.25, mostly comprised of modern circa 1990s examples. On the reverse, most have NASA caption text, and "This Paper Manufactured by Kodak" or more recent Kodak or Fujifilm watermarks. Almost all are astronaut portraits, and there is generally little duplication within the group; the lot predominately features Space Shuttle astronauts but includes several prints of earlier astronauts as well.

Types, counts, and particularly notable subjects include:

Plain red-number vertically, circa mid-late 1970s (6): with Jack Swigert, Gordon Fullerton, Ed Gibson, Donald E. Williams, Karol Bobko, and one other.

Red-number with NASA worm logo vertically, circa late 1970s-1990s (25): with Jack Lousma, Paul Weitz, William Lenoir, Sally Ride, S. David Griggs, Bill Nelson, Joe Allen, and others.

Red-number with NASA worm logo on top, circa 1990s (79): with Edward Givens, Ted Freeman, Rusty Schweickart, Ron Evans, Stu Roosa, Story Musgrave, David Leetsma, Ken Bowersox, Ronald Grabe, and others.

Red-number with NASA meatball logo on top, circa 1990s-2000s (328): with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, John Glenn, Ed White, Jim McDivitt, Charlie Duke, Jim Irwin, John Young, Alan Bean, Jim Lovell, Walt Cunningham, Deke Slayton, Scott Carpenter, Alan Shepard, Dave Scott, Charles Conrad, Roger Chafee, Vance Brand, Bill Pogue, Joe Engle, Ellison Onizuka, Judy Resnik, Christa McAuliffe, Guion Bluford, Scott Kelly, Mark Kelly, Kalpana Chawla, Ilan Ramon, and many more.

Also includes 15 black-numbered black-and-white official NASA glossy photos, with subjects including Charlie Bassett (2), Elliott See, Edgar Mitchell, Frank C. Michel, Bruce McCandless II, and others.

In overall very good to fine condition, with some corner tip dings and a few minor creases throughout. A comprehensive photography archive capturing NASA's many astronauts across the ages.

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