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Lot #3641
Apollo Saturn V F-1 Rocket Engine Bolt Assemblies

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Impressive official Rocketdyne display of four types of Apollo Saturn V F-1 rocket engine bolt assemblies, mounted on a wooden 16 x 12 plaque with engraved identification plates. The bolts measure from 2″ to 7.25″ long, and are identified as follows: "No. 1 Lox Turbopump Pump Volute Flange Bolt, RD111-4016-1092," "No. 1 Lox Valve Flange Bolt, RD111-4016-1060," "No. 2 Fuel Turbopump Volute Bolt, RD111-4012-4032," "F-1 Gas Generator Flange Bolt, RD111-4004-0812." In fine condition. Accompanied by a packet with diagrams of the F-1 engine's propellant feed system, showing the locations of these bolt assemblies.

The F-1 rocket engine remains the highest thrust engine that NASA has ever flown. Built by the Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation, the F-1 burned RP-1, a refined form of kerosene, and liquid oxygen. The engine's 2,500-pound turbopump produced more than 20,000 horsepower and could pump 42,500 gallons of propellant per minute. A cluster of five F-1 engines, each producing a maximum thrust of 1.5 million pounds, powered the first stage (designated S1-C) of the colossal Saturn V launch vehicle that carried American astronauts to the moon between 1969 and 1972.

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  • Auction Title: Space
  • Dates: #619 - Ended October 21, 2021