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Project Mercury and Space Race (23) Newspapers

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Collection of 23 original Illinois newspapers—most complete—offering contemporary coverage of the Kennedy administration and advancements in the space race, dating from 1961 to 1969. The collection predominately concerns John Glenn's Friendship 7 flight, when he became the first American to orbit the Earth. Noteworthy front-page headlines are quoted below.

May 5, 1961 - Rockford Morning Star on Alan Shepard's Freedom 7 flight: "Launch U.S. Astronaut Today"

May 5, 1961 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Man-Shot Successful: Astronaut Reports View Is 'Beautiful,'" with a color image of the rocket on the launch pad.

July 21, 1961 - Rockford Register-Republic on Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 flight: "Grissom Escapes, Swims as Space Capsule Sinks"

January 19, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star, beginning extensive coverage of John Glenn's Friendship 7 flight: "Manned Orbits Head Next Week's 3 Spectacular U.S. Space Feats"

January 27, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Glenn Poised for Orbital Ride"

January 28, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Hope For Thursday Orbit Try"

January 30, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Space Flight Postponed"

February 7, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Glenn Orbit Shot Delayed to Feb. 14"

February 14, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Glenn Orbit Delayed 24 Hours"

February 15, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Glenn Orbit Is Postponed Ninth Time; Bad Weather Continues in Landing Area"

February 20, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Glenn Gets Go-Ahead for Orbit"

February 20, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Glenn Orbits, Returns Safely," with color image of Lt. Col. Glenn entering the Friendship 7 capsule.

February 21, 1962 (2 copies)- Rockford Morning Star: "Hero's Welcome Awaits Glenn: Lands Safely After 5-Hour, 3-Orbit Trip"

February 21, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Here's What Follows Glenn's Fireball"

February 22, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "U.S. Okehs Space Cooperation"

February 23, 1962 - Rockford Morning Star: "Honor Space Hero Glenn Today"

February 24, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Nation Salutes Glenn as Hero"

February 26, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Glenn Receives Hero's Welcome"

April 2, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Light Blinked Death for Glenn: Signals Froze Cape Crew; Emergency Meeting Held"

April 6, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "How Glenn Passed Moment of Crisis"

April 24, 1962 - Rockford Register-Republic: "Russ Satellite Flies Over American Cities," "U.S. Rocket to Hit Far Side of Moon," and "Tass Report Denies Hint of Sky Spy"

July 21, 1969 - Rockford Register-Republic on the Apollo 11 lunar landing: "First Men on the Moon!"

In overall very good to fine condition, with some toning, typical edge chipping, and staining to one of the Shepard papers.

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