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Gene Cernan's Lunar Flown Apollo 17 EVA 1 Prep 'Rock Manifest' Page

Lunar surface ‘Rock Manifest’ used by Cernan and Schmitt to record the final moon rocks brought to Earth
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Lunar surface ‘Rock Manifest’ used by Cernan and Schmitt to record the final moon rocks brought to Earth

Flown double-sided EVA 1 Prep 'Rock Manifest' page used by Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt to document their collection of moon rocks on the lunar surface during Apollo 17. Checklist page is numbered 2-1 and 2-2 and measures 8 x 5.5. Side 2-2 provides a detailed moon rock collection summary, dated "9/12/72," entitled "Collection Weight Summary," and is signed by Cernan at the bottom right in blue ink, under an ink stamp reading, "Landed on the Moon aboard the Apollo 17 LM 'Challenger.'" The opposite side, 2-1, details the EVA-prep procedure, is labeled "114:55 Cabin Prep EVA 1 (20 Min)," dated "11/6/72," and is certified by Cernan in black ballpoint, "This page bearing lunar dust flew to the lunar surface, Gene Cernan." A photo showing this Side 2-1 is included with the lot.

Moon rock summary covers all three Apollo 17 EVAs, with information filled in by Harrison Schmitt for the first two. For EVA 1 Schmitt notes SRC "32," Bag "2, 16," for a total of "48." For EVA 2, he notes SRC "41.5," Bag "6, 24," Bag "8, 35," for a total of "100.5." Under the heading "Collection Bag Stowage," there are four lines including: "1 - Aft Eng Cover (40 # Max): Bag" [Schmitt has written "8"]; "1 - LHMS (40 # Max): Bag" [Schmitt has written "7"]; "2 - LH + RHSSC (40 # Max): Bag" [Schmitt has written "6 LH, 5 RH"]; "2 - ISA (50 # Max): Bags" [Schmitt has written "2, 4."]. Archivally mounted, matted, and framed with an embroidered patch, an image of Cernan, and a plaque with dialogue between Cernan and Mission Control related to the ‘rock manifest,’ to an overall size of 15.5 x 25.5. In fine condition, consistent with lunar surface use, and a strip of tape to each of the three punch holes.

The following two links contain a video of the Apollo 17 astronauts at the end of EVA 2, filling their Sample Collection Bags, and an audio record of Gene Cernan reading out the data from the completed Rock Manifest to Mission Control in Houston; both of these recordings match up exactly to the ‘Bag 6’ and ‘Bag 8’ of the Rock Manifest.



Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from Zarelli Space Authentication, and a 2009 letter of certification, with images of Cernan holding this very item and another of him with moon rocks on the lunar surface, signed by Cernan and reading, in part: "We collected over 200 pounds of moon rocks during the course of our three lunar excursions. Their total weights were then recorded on the accompanying rock manifest during my stay on the Moon. My hands were coated with lunar dust as I notated this manifest inside our Lunar Module 'Challenger,'…thus the stains on this page are comprised of lunar dust from the 'Taurus-Littrow' region of the moon! This manifest represents the original handwritten record for some of the first geological examples, and over one-quarter of the Apollo moon rocks, ever returned to Earth from the Moon." Also included, on 8.5 x 11 photo paper, is an enlarged version of the same photo of Cernan holding the manifest. This spectacular astronaut-certified lunar artifact recorded the weights and storage locations of the final moon rocks brought back to Earth. There are only three 'Rock Manifests' in existence—with one of those being housed in a library—rendering this one of only two in private hands.

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