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Apollo Lunar Module AGC Guidance and Navigation Manual

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Manual prepared by the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory entitled "E-2164, Guidance, Navigation, and Control, Lunar Module Functional Description and Operation Using Flight Program Sundance, Vol. II.," July 1968, approximately 400 pages, 8.5 x 11, marked "Pearson" on the front cover and title page as Robert Pearson’s personal copy. Mr. Pearson was the lead KSC Lunar Module Simulator instructor to the Apollo astronauts, and he often said: 'I’ve landed on the moon more times than anybody in the world.' The preface defines the purpose of the document: "To provide a functional description (operationally oriented) of the LM PGNCS hardware and software and interfaces with other SC systems." In very good to fine condition, with some creasing, a tear, and a small stain to the front cover.

Topics included in Volume II are the LM Guidance Computer (LGC) Program - Routine Index, Verb List, Noun List, Checklist Codes, Option Codes, Alarm Codes, Sundance Programs, Sundance Routines, Other Extended Verbs, Crew Abbreviated Checklist.

The general page layout is in column format with header topics that have descriptions for LGC, Ground, Crew, Checklist, Time and Total Time. This format is used describing various Sundance Programs including P06 LGC Power Down, P20 Rendezvous Navigation, P21 Ground Track Determination, P25 Preferred Tracking Attitude, P27 LGC Update, P30 External Delta V, P32 CSI Pre-Thrust, P33 CDH Pre-Thrust, P34 TPI Pre-Thrust, P35 TPM Pre-Thrust, P40 DPS Thrust, P41 RCS Thrust, P42 APS Thrust, P47 Delta V Monitor, P51 IMU Orientation Determination, P52 IMU Realign.

Additionally, there are many Routine descriptions in the same format including but not limited to R00 Final Automatic Request Terminate, R02 IMU Status Check, R04 Radar Test Routine, R21 Rendezvous Radar (RR) Designate, R22 RR Data, R23 RR Manual Acquisition, R24 RR Search. R25 RR Monitor, R30 Orbit Parameter Display, R31 Rendezvous Parameter Display, R32 Target Delta V, R33 LGC/CMC Clock Sync, R47 AGS Initialization, R51 Inflight Fine Align, R53 Inflight Sighting Mark, R55 Gyro Torque, R60 Attitude Maneuver.

The Lunar Module computer software represents one of the most significant technological accomplishments of the entire Apollo Program. Software engineering that is so common place today can trace its roots to the NASA/MIT team whose efforts enable men to land on the moon.

The Sundance program, which ran on the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was used for the Apollo 9 earth-orbital flight. Sundance evolved into Luminary, the program used for Apollo 10 and the lunar landing missions.

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