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Lot #6018
Apple-Produced 1978 Star Wars Game Cassette

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Original Apple-produced Star Wars/Star Trek cassette tape game released in 1978 for the Apple II, featuring the unlicensed software "Starwars, P/N A2T0002X" and "Startrek, P/N A2T0002X." This was the first Star Wars game ever released, casting the player as a 'space pilot trainee' who destroys TIE fighters using a first-person heads-up display. The original Star Wars movie had been released only a year earlier, and Apple hoped to capitalize on the Skywalker-mania that gripped the nation. The inclusion of the Star Trek game made this cassette a grand unification of sci-fi fandom. In fine condition.

Includes an image of Apple employee #8, Chris Espinosa, holding this exact tape. Now known as Apple's longest-serving employee, Espinosa joined Apple in 1976, at age 14, when it was still housed in Steve Jobs' parents' garage, writing software manuals and coding in BASIC after school. He remembers manually copying the Star Wars cassettes, using a rig that fed eight recording tape drives from one master. He would copy eight tapes at a time as orders came in; even today, he can recognize any of the Apple cassette software by listening to the data played over a conventional stereo.

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  • Auction Title: Steve Jobs + Apple
  • Dates: #598 - Ended December 17, 2020