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Lot #6013
Steve Wozniak's Hand-Drawn Apple 2 Schematics

"My original Apple II prototype schematics and programming instructions"

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"My original Apple II prototype schematics and programming instructions"

Steve Wozniak’s hand-drawn and handwritten schematics and programming instructions for a prototype of the Apple II home computer, consisting of 23 total pages of work-in-progress notes and diagrams for the Apple II breadboard, which includes: five pages of circuit schematics and notes, accomplished in pencil, ink, and felt tip on off-white 8.5 x 11 sheets of graphing paper; six photocopied pages headed “Bus Sources,” “System Timing,” “Display,” “Sync Timing & Adr. Gen,” and “Timing,” 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 8.5, featuring several ballpoint and felt tip annotations; and a 12-page handwritten programming instruction guide consisting of 28 detailed steps. In overall fine condition.

As Woz hand-wired the Apple II prototype, he meticulously added notations, circuit changes, and programming notes to these remarkable working pages, documents that not only helped change computers from building-sized behemoths to friendly desktop devices, but likewise ushered in the personal computer revolution in April 1977. Woz’s historic schematics and notes truly represent the genesis of mainstream personal computing that changed how the world forever works, plays, and communicates.

Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Wozniak: "These documents, circa 1975, are my original Apple II prototype schematics and programming instructions. They are precious. On these work-in-progress diagrams, you can even see my breadboarding technique, where I’d go over drawn connections in red as I soldered the wires in. At the time, I favored using a purple felt tip pen for writing, so it's interesting to see these notes decades on. The prototype was hand-wired while I was still an engineer at Hewlett-Packard's Advanced Product Division, where I was involved in the design of hand-held calculators."

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