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Lot #6012
Apple: Altair to Zaltair Gag Fliers

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Scarce and sought-after set of three original “From Altair to Zaltair” gag fliers made and distributed by Steve Wozniak at the inaugural West Coast Computer Faire held in San Francisco on April 16, 1977. A parody of the Altair 8800 computer made by MITS in 1975, the 8.5 x 11 flier, which comes in colors of green, orange, and blue, was a jab at the current ‘Z’ trend, where companies using Zilog's Z-80 chip were rolling out brands based on ‘Z’ words. In order to make the ad believable, Wozniak included fake trademarks, a mailing envelope for MITS, and a fake quote from Ed Roberts, then president of MITS, which spelled out the name of a rival company, Processor Technology, when looking at the first letter of every word. Purportedly, the final product was so convincing that even Steve Jobs fell for it. In overall fine condition. Accompanied by two MITS mailing envelopes.

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  • Auction Title: Steve Jobs + Apple
  • Dates: #598 - Ended December 17, 2020