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NWA 12265 Eucrite Meteorite Slice

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Interesting Northwest Africa (NWA) 12265 eucrite-melt breccia meteorite slice, showing shock veins (black vein-like markings) and remarkable brown and tan melt features. The full polished slice weighs 65.7 grams and measures approximately 133 mm x 76 mm x 2.5 mm. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Geoff Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites Inc. and the TV show Meteorite Men, as well as a specimen identification card.

Acquired in Morocco in 2015, only 4.43 kilograms, or 9.76 pounds, of this meteorite is known to exist. Impact melt breccias were once molten and have solidified from a lava-like state. The heat required to liquify or partially liquify was likely generated by a massive meteorite impact in space—in this case, on the surface of Asteroid Vesta. Eucrites are one of the few meteorites with a specific known origin point, and are unusual in that they do not attract a magnet. They are scientifically important as proof of geologic activity (volcanoes, etc.) on large asteroids within our solar system. A very unusual and attractive specimen, which is visually quite unlike most other meteorites.

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  • Auction Title: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
  • Dates: #559 - Ended June 20, 2019