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NASA Group of (22) Red-Numbered Lunar Photographs

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Collection of 22 original vintage color glossy 10 x 8 red-numbered NASA photographs of the lunar surface taken during the Apollo missions to the moon. Includes two from Apollo 10, two from Apollo 11, one from Apollo 12, one from Apollo 13, one from Apollo 14, ten from Apollo 15, and five from Apollo 16. Images include lunar features such as the Mare Imbrium, Mare Ingenii, Mare Moscoviense, Mare Humorum, Montes Caucasus, Rimae Herigonius, and craters 'Keeler,' 'Daedalus,' 'Hyginus,' 'Fra Mauro,' 'Posidonius,' 'Tsiolkovskiy,' 'Zelinsky,' 'Humboldt,' 'Gassendi.' All have “A Kodak Paper” watermarks on the reverse. In fine condition.

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  • Auction Title: Space & Aviation
  • Dates: October 11 - October 17