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Lot #5245
Al Worden's Apollo 15 Flown Spacesuit Patch

“Attached to my spacesuit during my cislunar spacewalk”

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“Attached to my spacesuit during my cislunar spacewalk”

Amazing flown 4.25″ x 4.5″ Apollo 15 Beta cloth insignia patch worn on Al Worden's spacesuit during the entirety of the Apollo 15 mission. Includes a detailed letter of provenance, dated August 12, 2006, and signed by Worden, in part: "As a part of my spacesuit, this NASA Insignia patch accompanied me into lunar orbit. The mission patch also was attached to my spacesuit during my cislunar spacewalk (EVA) during our return from the Moon. My EVA was the first of only three spacewalks performed outside Earth orbit and its protective magnetosphere. After their return from the lunar surface, Dave Scott and Jim Irwin unloaded the rock boxes and other equipment from the lunar module and passed those items to me in the command module. During the transfer, the CM filled with lunar dust that ultimately soiled my spacesuit and, in turn, the suit patches. The dark stains on the United States flag patch are indeed lunar dust…As standard procedure upon return of the crew, the flown beta-cloth patch was removed from the suit and then NASA presented the patch to the astronaut who wore it. As such, the Apollo 15 beta cloth spacesuit mission patch has remained a treasured part of my personal space collection." Also accompanied by two signed color glossy photos of Worden performing his historic EVA, 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 8.5, one signed in silver ink, "The first deep space walk during the flight of Apollo 15, Al Worden, Apollo 15 CMP," and the other signed and inscribed in black felt tip, "To Larry—I carried these patches on the first deep space EVA. Enjoy. Al Worden, Apollo 15 CMP." In fine condition, with expected light wear; due to its heavy use and exposure to the vacuum of deep space during Worden's 38-minute extra-vehicular activity, the patch exhibits expected overall creases and wrinkles. An extraordinary flown piece featuring the iconic Apollo 15 insignia worn during humanity's first deep-space EVA.

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  • Dates: #550 - Ended April 18, 2019