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Apollo 15 Flown Command Module Endeavour Rescue Arrow from Crew Hatch

From the hatch of the Apollo 15 Command Module ‘Endeavour’
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From the hatch of the Apollo 15 Command Module ‘Endeavour’

Amazing flown bright yellow “Rescue” arrow from the hatch of the Apollo 15 Command Module ‘Endeavour,’ measuring 11.75″ x 3.5″, which was applied over the capsule’s exterior Kapton foil covering. The arrow pointed to the panel used to gain access to the spacecraft’s cabin from the outside, which would have been used in case of emergency. It has a distinctive and unique burn pattern due to the high temperature of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, and is clearly photo-matched to the photos taken of the Command Module aboard the USS Okinawa after Pacific Ocean recovery on August 7, 1971. As one of the only immediately visually identifiable elements of the spacecraft’s exterior, this is a truly remarkable and displayable piece; such flown items are virtually unobtainable. The arrow is affixed to a scrapbook page beside a NASA 'meatball' sticker and a swatch of Kapton foil, which was presumably also recovered from the spacecraft. Also includes a length of flown white parachute cord from the Apollo 15 CM, tied in a knot and measuring approximately 40″ long untied, recovered at the same time as the arrow. A second scrapbook page is included, featuring a larger NASA sticker, a small embroidered NASA patch, and an orange "Apollo 15 Team Member" sticker, as well as a separate official embroidered USS Okinawa Apollo 15 recovery patch, measuring 4.75″ x 5.5″. In very good condition, with obvious and expected signs of wear. Originates from the collection of a United States Marine who was stationed aboard the USS Okinawa recovery ship, and accompanied by a letter of provenance from his son.

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