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Vance Brand's A7LB Suit TMG Assembly

Vance Brand's A7LB space suit, modified for ASTP training
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Vance Brand's A7LB space suit, modified for ASTP training

Rare white A7LB Space Suit Thermal Micrometeorite Garment (TMG) Assembly made for Vance Brand, possibly used during training for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP). This is a modified Command Module Pilot 400 series TMG (intended for lunar surface EVA activity) adjusted to emulate the 800 series configuration worn by ASTP crew members. ASTP crew were not provisioned to conduct an EVA so one of two set of gas connectors (for intake and exhaust) were removed with patches sewn over the resultant unoccupied holes. The tag sewn inside the collar reads: "Item Cover Layer Assy., CMP, Part No. A7LB-101200-01, CEI No. 3001B, Size V. Brand, Serial No. 403, Date 1/71, Contract No. NAS9-6100 (NASA), Code Ident. 74897, ILC Industries, Inc." A smaller tag sewn to the lining reads: "Part No. A7LB-101207-1, S/N 403, Code Ident. 74897," annotated in black felt tip, "Art 2787." Both tags have been struck through with red felt tip. The chest features a name patch, "Brand," at center.

Includes two detached sleeves, both with ILC Industries tags sewn inside, one reading: "Part No. A7LB-101203-02, Serial No. 403, Size V. Brand, Code Ident. 74897," and the other with matching information other than the part number, which has been annotated to read "A7LB-101203-05." Both tags have been struck through in red felt tip. In overall very good to fine condition.

The outermost layer of the space suit, the TMG was designed to protect the astronaut from temperature extremes and hypervelocity micrometeoroid punctures while on the lunar surface. A remarkable A7LB TMG, very rarely offered to the public.

Provenance: The Spaceflight America Museum and Science Center in Prince Frederick, MD.

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