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1911 T205 Complete SGC Fully Graded Set with Variations including Hoblitzel (No Stats) - 220 Cards

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Completely graded set of T205 cards with the rare Hoblitzel - no stats, plus Cobb, Mathewson, Johnson, and all variations. Total of 220 cards.

Includes: SGC EX/MT+ 6.5 - 2 cards w/Dygert and Goode.

SGC EX+ 5.5 - 2 cards w/Murphy and Wallace/with Cap.

SGC EX 5 - 21 cards with Abbaticchio, Becker, Bergen, Bescher, Carrigan, Collins/Mouth Closed, Herzog, Jennings, Lang, Lobert, Lord, McConnell, McElveen, McIntyre, Meyers, Needham, Olmstead, Reulbach, Richie, Wheat and Wilson.

SGC VG/EX+ 4.5 - 30 card with Barber/Full B, Bell, Camnitz, Corridon, Devore, Dooin, Downey, Engle, Evans, Gibson, Lee, Leever, Leifield/"A" on front, Livingston, Marquard, McLean, Merkle, Mitchell, Murray, Oakes, Rowan, Scanlan, Schmidt, Speaker, Street, Suggs, Titus, Walsh, Doc White and Willett.

SGC VG/EX 4 - 47 cards with Adkins, Archer, Barger/partial B, Beck, Bender, Bresnahan/Mouth Closed, Bridwell, Byrne, Chase/Left Ear, Clarke, Collins/Mouth Open, Devlin, Dunn, Evers, Fisher, Fletcher, Gardner, Graham/Rustlers, Grant, Hummell, Hoblitzell/Correct "No Cin.", Hoblitzel/Incorrect "No Cin.", Laporte, Latham/W.A. on back, Lennox, Maddox, Mathewson, Mattern, McAllister, Matty McIntyre, Merritt, Milan, Miller, Phelps. O'Leary, Pfiester, Schulte, Scott, Shean/Cubs, Stone, Stovall, Tannehill, Turner, Wilhelm/"Suffered". Wagner, Wolter and Young.

SGC VG+ 3.5 - 9 cards with Bransfield, Doolan, Doyle, Harmon/Left Ear, Kling, Krause, Tinker, Tony Smith and Stahl.

SGC VG 3 - 46 cards with Batch, Bates, Birmingham, Chase/Both Ears-Frame Ends, Crandall/"T" not crossed, Dickson, Donohue, Dougherty/Red Sock, Dougherty/White Sock, Egan, Ferguson, Ford/White Cap, Frick, Fromme, Gaspar, Gray/Stats, Groom, Harmon/Both Ears, Hemphill, Hoblitzell/"CIN" after 1908, Johnson, Joss, Karger, Killian, Knight, Konetchy, Kroh, Lush, Magee, Moriarty, Nee, Oldring, Overall, Payne, Quinn, Rucker, Schlei, Sharpe, Shean/Rustlers, Snodgrass, Stanage, Steinfeldt, Summers, Vaughn, Wiltse/Right Ear and Wiltse/Both Ears.

SGC GOOD+ 2.5 - 11 cards with Barry, Blackburne, Bresnahan/Mouth Open, Chase/Both Ears-Frame Extends, Jimmy Collins, Criger, Graham/Cubs, Hoffman, Sheckard, Phillippe and Raymond.

SGC GOOD 2 - 11 cards with Daubert, Elberfeld, Griffith, Huggins, McBride, McGraw, Paskert, Pelty, Sweeney, Wallace/No Cap-One Line and Wilhelm/"Suffe ed".

SGC FAIR 1.5 - 6 cards with Flynn, Hoblitzell/No Stats, Mullin, Schaefer, Wallace/"No Cap"- Two Lines and King White.

SGC POOR 1 - 2 cards with Leifield/"AP" on Front and Moran/Stray Line.

SGC AUTHENTIC - 33 cards with Ames, Austin, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Mordecai Brown, Cady, Chance, Cicotte, Cobb, Crandall/"T" Crossed, Dahlen, Delahanty, Duffy, Ewing, Ford/Black Cap, Foxen, Gray/No Stats, Hanford, Hartsel, Hauser, Jacklitsch, David Jones, Thomas Jones, Kleinow, Latham/A. Latham on back, Leach, Lord, Parent, Phelan, Moran/No Stray Line, Simmons and Ira Thomas.

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  • Dates: February 07 - February 21