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Diverse archive from the collection of EVA training engineer Dan Schaiewitz
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Diverse archive from the collection of EVA training engineer Dan Schaiewitz

Large assortment of items from the collection of KSC Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer Dan Schaiewitz, including: two items signed by Edgar Mitchell (SP and TLS); eight original official glossy NASA photos of various Apollo mission insignias; 33 patches and decals; several official Apollo-era manuals and NASA publications, including an extensively annotated Aerospace Physiological Training Outline, a Skylab Experiments manual, NASA Facts newsletters, NASA telephone directories, and various contractors’ brochures; and an assortment of space-related books and magazines. In overall very good to fine condition.

A detailed listing of the above:

Two items signed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell: a glossy 10 x 8 photo of Edgar Mitchell presenting Dan Schaiewitz with the Snoopy Award, signed and inscribed in black felt tip, "To Dan, Many thanks for your support in making Apollo XIV a success, Ed Mitchell"; and a TLS signed "Ed Mitchell," one page, 8 x 10, April 13, 1971, NASA letterhead, addressed to Schaiewitz, in full: "Your efforts contributed immensely to our success and we sincerely appreciate them. Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to seeing you at KSC."

A collection of eight original official vintage glossy 10 x 8 photos of the various Apollo mission insignias, including: black-and-white and color photos for Apollo 11; black-and-white and color photos for Apollo 12; a black-and-white photo for Apollo 13; a color photo for Apollo 14; a red-numbered color photo for Apollo 16; and a red-numbered color photo for Apollo 17. The black-and-white photos have purple NASA caption text on the reverse, and the color photos have "A Kodak Paper" watermarks on the reverse.

A collection of 33 patches and decals, including: three mission insignia patches for Apollo 11, Apollo 14, and Apollo 15; seven general decals, including Snoopy "Eyes on the Stars," Snoopy "Apollo VIP," and five NASA 'meatball' logos of various sizes; mission insignia decals for Apollo 12, 13, and 15; five Apollo 16 mission insignia patches; ten Apollo 16 decals, consisting of insignias and "Make the Descartes scene with Apollo 16" stickers; four Apollo 17 insignia decals; and an Apollo 17 "Well Done" decal.

A staple-bound manual entitled, "Aerospace Physiological Training Outline," 8 x 10.5, 19 pages, by NASA's Physiological Training Branch, Medical Operations Division, September 1969. The manual has been extensively annotated throughout by Dan Schaiewitz, an Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at Kennedy Space Center, with detailed notes on the physiological stresses that may be experienced by a human in space. Accompanied by a manual entitled "Training Guide, Course No. OP-120 BEN, Saturn V Safety Orientation," dated June 7, 1968, which is not annotated inside.

Publications related to lunar surface experiments and exploration: two NASA/Grumman Apollo Lunar Module brochures by Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation; a Lunar Module Mission simulator brochure by Singer Link Division; a set of eleven Bendix/Aerospace Systems Division newsletters and information packets relating to Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments (ALSEP) Packages: three entitled “Three Years of Lunar Science,” another “Tranquility—Plus Two Years,” one for Apollo 15, three for Apollo 17, and three EASAP Press Backgrounders; and a very detailed color 38 x 25 poster entitled “Lunar Surface Exploration Reference Chart.”

Four vintage telephone directories: a pair of NASA telephone directories for the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas, for March and July 1972, both 8 x 10.5, 55 and 62 pages; and two copies of the telephone directory for Florida's Kennedy Space Center from January 1972, 8 x 10.75, 74 pages.

A NASA manual entitled, "Skylab Experiments, August 1972," 211 pages, 8 x 10.25, which provides a description of the Skylab Experiment Program with a focus on Life Sciences, Solar Physics, Earth Observations, Astrophysics, Material Science and Manufacturing in Space, and Engineering and Technology.

Collection of 21 NASA Facts newsletters, dated between 1966 and 1972, including many duplicates, and nine unfolding into large and extremely visual posters. The posters are for the Saturn V rocket (3), United States Launch Vehicles, and the Gemini, Apollo (2), and Skylab (2) programs. Also includes two NASA packets entitled “History of Manned Spaceflight,” from November 1972, a NASA News Astronaut Fact Sheet from October 1972, and an official NASA Project Gemini booklet from 1966.

An assortment of other publications and ephemera, including: an issue of the New York Daily News newspaper covering the orbit of Sputnik, October 5, 1957, with the headline “Track Red Baby Moon by Radio”; a series of 1970 letters sent to Schaiewitz by the young children of a class he visited; four issues of Life Magazine covering the Mercury and Apollo programs; a special edition of Look Magazine dedicated to Apollo 8; a Satellite Communications Physics handbook; a 1969 issue of TV Guide; a paperback 1957 book entitled The Complete Book of Satellites and Outer Space; a paperback 1958 book entitled The Answers to the Space Flight Challenge; a 1969 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology reporting on the Lunar Module; nine other space-related magazines, including Newsweek, Space World, and others; five hardcover books; and two softcover books. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC.

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