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Lot #2022
Smoot Schmid's Personal 'Bonnie & Clyde' Scrapbook

Extraordinary scrapbook of Sheriff Schmid—including original photos and wanted posters

Estimate: $3000+
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Extraordinary scrapbook of Sheriff Schmid—including original photos and wanted posters

Smoot Schmid's personal scrapbook, 18 x 14, featuring numerous affixed original photos, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera affixed throughout. The first page (now detached) features a typed presentation inscription, “This Book: Made and Dedicated, to Sheriff R. A. (Smoot) Schmid. For all his kindness, by A Friend,” and bears a clipped newspaper headline and image from the May 23, 1934, issue of The Detroit News, reading: “Outlaw Clyde Barrow and Girl Slain in Trap.” The reverse of this page features four original vintage glossy photos, with two showing Clyde Barrow and W. D. Jones, one of Jones and Bonnie Parker, and one of Raymond Hamilton, Goldie Sheppard, Bud Russell, and Johnny Cox. Several other original glossy photos are included, with subjects among them being: Bonnie Parker (alive and deceased); Clyde Barrow (alive and deceased); W. D. Jones (alive and deceased); the bullet-riddled ‘death car’; the posse that ambushed and killed Bonnie and Clyde; and various candid snapshots of Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled car from the 1933 Dexfield Park shootout in Dexter, Iowa; the arsenal recovered at Dexter; Blanche Barrow being taken into custody; and other Bonnie and Clyde-related images.

Other notable items include: a wanted poster for “Clyde Champion Barrow” and his brother “Melvin Ivan Barrow” [Marvin Ivan ‘Buck’ Barrow]; a wanted poster for Barrow Gang members Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, an unnamed individual [W. D. Jones], Blanche Barrow, and Buck Barrow; a wanted poster for Raymond Hamilton and a copy of his fingerprint card; and other copies of fingerprint cards. Several personal items from Schmid contained are within, including: his “Certificate of Election” as Dallas County Sheriff, issued November 19, 1934; several letters and telegrams congratulating Schmid and his department on the slaying of Bonnie and Clyde; and other letters and ephemera from throughout his career. In overall very good condition, with many of the fragile pages detached, chipping and tears to edges, and areas of paper loss. A unique assemblage of rare material from the legendary career of the outlaw-hunting Dallas sheriff.

Auction Info

  • Auction Title: Gangsters, Outlaw & Lawmen
  • Dates: #503 - Ended June 23, 2017