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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Romantic turmoil for the blues legend: “Nothing I try seems to be good enough”
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Romantic turmoil for the blues legend: “Nothing I try seems to be good enough”

ALS signed “Stevie,” one page, 4 x 6, Four Seasons Hotels letterhead, no date. Letter to longtime girlfriend Janna Lapidus. In part: “Thanks for your note! The meeting is helping still thanks! Have gone for sound check and interview and whatnot if you wish come by or call me, there, I’ll try and call here too.” In an unsigned note on a second sheet, Vaughan writes, in full: “I don’t know what you want. I feel like I can’t get close to you—I want to! I don’t know how I can nothing I try seems to be good enough. What has happened that keeps us from trying to be gentle? Why can’t we be.” Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Roger Epperson/REAL. The first letter is a response to one that Janna had left for him, which is also included. Her note, in part: “Will try to call you later—I know you have soundcheck around 4pm’ish, so I’ll see ya later…Hope the meeting helped inside & brought the smile outside!!!” Vaughan met Janna in 1986 and remained with her until his unfortunate death in 1990, by which time she was his fiancée. The second note reads almost like the lyrics to an old blues song—perhaps this rocky time in their relationship served as inspiration for his music. RR Auction COA.

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