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Apollo 11

Unique rubberized glove used at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory
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Unique rubberized glove used at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory

Exceptional left hand glove used to handle lab animals and lunar material in tests at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory in Houston, Texas. The black rubber glove is 9.5-inches long. The rubberized extension, which could cover up to the left shoulder, can expand to 26 inches. Minor wear and slight deterioration in glove and extension. In the early moon landing missions there was concern that hazardous biologicals could be brought back into the Earth’s biosphere, so quarantine conditions were maintained for the materials brought back, with this glove used by scientists to handle such fine material as well as the plants and animals that were exposed to that material. Accompanied by two glossy 10 x 8 photos: one color NASA photo showing a scientist working with mice in the laboratory. The fingers of the glove holding an instrument a few inches from a mouse are visible; and a Brown & Root/Northrop Corporation photograph showing researchers working with sample containers. Also accompanied by a laserprint image of an examination team member looking at lunar material. A right hand rubberized glove is clearly visible in this image. According to the consignor, the glove originates from the Estate of John A. Mason, former Deputy Director of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Dr. Mason was a participant in the Space Science Board’s Review of the National Academy of Sciences of Lunar Quarantine Recommendations held in Houston’s Manned Spacecraft Center on February 17, 1970. RRAuction COA.

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