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Orville Wright and Space and Aviation Pioneers

A Who’s Who from Kitty Hawk to the moon including Orville Wright, Yeager, Glenn, Apollo 8 and 11 astronauts
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A Who’s Who from Kitty Hawk to the moon including Orville Wright, Yeager, Glenn, Apollo 8 and 11 astronauts

City National Bank check, 8.75 x 3, filled out in another hand and signed by Wright, payable to Orville Wright for $100.00, January 3, 1927. Check is also signed on the front and reverse by 45 other space and aviation pioneers, with almost all signing on the reverse. Signers are: Orville Wright (front and back), Chuck Yeager (first to break sound barrier), Bob Hoover (pilot for the chase plane for Yeager's supersonic flight), Betty Skelton Frankman (first female aerobatics pilot in the US), Scott Crossfield (first to surpass Mach 2), William ‘Pete’ Knight (first human to travel at Mach 6), Joe Kittinger (first human to descend by parachute from the edge of space), John Glenn (first American to orbit earth), Pavel Popovich (first dual space flights), Bob White (first human to reach space in a winged rocketplane), Valentina Tereshkova (first woman in space), Jerrie Mock (first woman to fly solo around the world), Alexei Leonov (first space walker), Wally Schirra, Tom Stafford, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell (first rendezvous), Dave Scott (first docking), Frank Borman, Bill Anders (first to leave earth's influence), Rusty Schweickart (first spacewalk with portable lifepack), Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins (first moon landing), Paul Weitz (first Skylab), Bryan Allen (pilot of the first human powered flight), Paul MacCready (designer of the first human powered aircraft), Joe Engle, John Young and Bob Crippen (crew of the first space shuttle mission), Sally Ride (first American woman in space), Bruce McCandless (first human to perform an untethered free flight in space), Kathy Sullivan (first American woman to walk in space), Jake Garn (first politician to fly in space), Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager (crew for the first non-stop flight around the world), Richard Branson (first person to cross the Atlantic by balloon), Bertrand Piccard (balloonist for the first non-stop balloon flight around the world), Dennis Tito (world's first privately funded ‘space flight participant’), Steve Fossett (first to fly non-stop around the world), Burt Rutan (designers of the first privately funded journey into space), Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie (pilots for the first privately funded journey into space), Jennifer Trosper (mission manager for Spirit, directing the movements of the first rover to traverse Mars), and Anousheh Ansari (world's first female privately funded ‘space flight participant). Four vertical folds, missing bottom left corner tip, cancellation stamp to front as well as cancellation holes to top portion, otherwise fine condition. An amazing collection which would be impossible to duplicate. Pre-certified Scott Cornish and RR Auction COA.

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