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Jimmy Carter

On the campaign trail: “The Ford Administration is paralyzed by political timidity”

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On the campaign trail: “The Ford Administration is paralyzed by political timidity”

Unsigned original typescript of an address given by Carter in Maryland during his 1976 presidential campaign, two pages bearing corrections and approximately 16 words in Carter’s hand, dated in the speechwriter’s hand “May 14” [1976], the speechwriter also making a few notations elsewhere. In part: “In recent weeks we have seen increasing signs that our nation’s foreign policy has become hostage to Republican Party politics. One recent example concerned a Soviet-American treaty to put limits on the size of underground nuclear explosions. The treaty [‘had’ changed to ‘has’] been initialed by Soviet and U.S. officials and was to have been signed yesterday at both the White House and the Kremlin. Unexpectedly, [‘however’ crossed out] the signing was postponed, apparently until after the Michigan primary. The meaning is clear: Mr. Ford and his political advisers [‘are afraid’ changed to ‘feared’] that public knowledge of this relatively minor arms agreement would be used by Mr. Ford’s opponent to Mr. Ford’s detriment in the Michigan primary. There is not one good reason in the world that Governor Reagan should hold a veto over United States foreign policy. Insofar as he does, we are faced with a shameful and (‘potentially’ crossed out) dangerous situation. The world is not going to suspend operations until our political season is passed. There have been other signs that the Ford Administration is paralyzed by political timidity. We have seen the recent veto of a foreign-aid bill. We have seen the President on the defensive with regard to [‘negotiations over’ crossed out] the future of the Panama Canal. We have seen the President unwilling to put his weight behind the effort to repeal the Byrd Amendment with regard to Rhodesia. We have seen the President fail to support the proposals made by his Secretary of State [crossed out: ‘at the recent United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Nairobi’; added: ‘concerning our servicemen missing in action & a normalization of relations with Viet Nam’]….” Accompanied by copies of a New York Times article on a speech Carter had delivered the day before. Light soiling, wrinkling, and handling wear, otherwise fine condition. R&R COA.

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