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Lot #226
Harley-Davidson: Davidson, Arthur

A negative report for a New York dealership: “It was quite a disappointment”

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A negative report for a New York dealership: “It was quite a disappointment”

One of the four co-founders of Harley-Davidson (1881–1950) who was responsible for setting up the company’s nationwide network of dealers. DS, one page, 8.25 x 10.75, January 27, 1948. A “Salesman’s Special Report” for the dealer Frank B. Hennen in Rochester, New York. In part: “The situation in Rochester was quite disappointing. I could write a very critical report. Having just come from Toronto, where they had two very modern, neat, clean stores with everything properly displayed and a Sales Department in each store, it was quite a disappointment to come to Rochester and find just the opposite…. Mr. Henne, no doubt, can sell when he is there, but no allowance is made for outside selling or store selling, the store itself has too many showcases and not enough floor space. The store was very cold and you could see out through the cracks all around it. The result was people were trying to work right around the furnace, which is in the middle of the floor, in order to keep warm…. I think the shop is in capable hands but the Sales Department, which should be the profitable end of the business, is not being given attention. One man can’t begin to take care of the sales in a city the size of Rochester....” Marginal pencil markings, otherwise fine condition. R&R COA.

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