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Lot #704
Tallulah Bankhead

“I hope to have good news ... about the film of ‘Gone with the Wind’”

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“I hope to have good news ... about the film of ‘Gone with the Wind’”

TLS signed “Love, Tallulah,” two pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Gotham Hotel, New York letterhead, November 16, 1936. Bankhead writes to her father, House Majority Leader (and future House Speaker) W. B. Bankhead. In part: “I don’t want to worry you in any way and I want you to know that my finances are in good order; but this income tax business has been hanging over for several years. I have always been led to believe by several officials that they could rescind it for me. When I finished my film work I paid all that was due and the income tax people accepted it. Two years later this thing came up claiming that I had been allowed too much for expenses and incidentals and of course making no allowance for my long illness, which cost me thousands. I want you to know that, if in my ignorance I am suggesting that you do anything that is unethical please forgive me, and if that is the case just forget this letter and don’t let it worry you in any way. But I have been advised by responsible people that you might know of some one who could do something about it for me without, in any way, jeopardizing yourself. If this be true let us know at once and Ida Alpert, whom the enclosed letter is from … can go to work on it at once…. Things are better for me now that they have been since I came to America in regard to my career…. I’m not good at writing to people I love. I hope to have good news for you in a few weeks about the film of ‘Gone with the Wind’ and other offers….” Stapled to Bankhead’s letter is the TLS from Alpert to Congressman Bankhead, dated November 16, as well as an unsigned carbon of the letter Tallulah received from her father in response, dated November 19. Alpert’s letter reads, in part: “I am impelled to write you, because of a very serious matter ... Miss Bankhead’s Income Federal Tax Return for the year 1932 where there is now a deficiency of $12,000. You realize, of course, that this is a large sum of money and Miss Bankhead would be very much embarrassed to meet so big an amount…. After thinking the matter over very carefully, I feel the only one who could suggest a means of settling this amount or materially reducing it through a compromise would be yourself….” Congressman Bankhead responds to Tallulah: “I am, of course, glad that you wrote to me about this matter and it will be no embarrassment whatever to me to undertake to be of every possible assistance…. It does seem to me that it is a very large claim for excess taxes for one year…. We have been most anxious to hear something definite about whether you would be engaged to play the part of Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind.’ We have daily inquiries from everywhere from your friends, many of whom seem to think that the matter has already been settled, but I have told them that it had not….” Light handling wear, otherwise fine condition. R&R COA.

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