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Lot #230
Lee Harvey Oswald

LEE HARVEY OSWALD: The Marxist expatriate-seeks official diplomatic aid to return to the United States the year before he would assassinate JOHN F. KENNEDY

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LEE HARVEY OSWALD: The Marxist expatriate-seeks official diplomatic aid to return to the United States the year before he would assassinate JOHN F. KENNEDY

ALS signed “Lee,” three pages on two lightly lined adjoining sheets, 5.5 x 8, February 15, 1962. Oswald writes to his older brother, Robert, in Fort Worth, Texas. In part: “Well, I have a daughter, June Marina Oswald, 6 lbs. 2 oz., born Feb. 15, 1962 at 10 A.M. How about that?! We are lucky to have a little girl, don’t you think? But then you have a head start on me, although I’ll try to catch up. Ha-Ha. This makes you an uncle, congratulations! The chances of our coming to the states are very good. As I already told you, we received the Soviet exit visas. I can leave the country at any time. But there are still formalities concerning Marina’s entrance visa into the U.S. These are granted by the U.S. government, and they have assured me they are getting all the papers together (they are quite a lot) and certified accepted…. I heard on the voice of America that they released Powers the U2 spy plane fellow. Thats [sic] big news where you are I suppose. He seemed to be a nice, bright American-type fellow, when I saw him in Moscow. You wouldn’t have any clipping’s [sic] from the Nov. 1959 newspapers of Ft. Worth, would you. I am beginning to get interested in just what they did say about me and my trip here. The information might come in handy when I get back. I would hate to come back completely unprepared. The American Embassy in Moscow has offered us a loan to pay for the price of the airline tickets, so we have nothing to worry about temporary along that line…. Well, I guess thats all for now. P.S. I received a letter from you dated Jan. 3, I did not get it until Feb. 5. The censors are so stupid over here it sometimes takes them a month to censor a letter before letting it through….” After signing, Oswald adds a postscript: “When wiring to me in Minsk please include zone no. example Minsk 29, Kommunistecheski St., House 4, Apt. 24, Oswald. P.S. Enclosed 2 foto pictures.” Accompanied by the original mailing envelope addressed in Oswald’s hand, including the return address and his Russian signature [roughly transliterating as “Osbalba”]. From the Warren Report: “In a letter dated January 5, 1962, Oswald said that he would like to make arrangements for a loan from the Embassy or some private organization for part of the airplane fares. The Embassy on February 6, 1962, replied that he would have to supply certain personal and financial data. The letter also said that after repatriation he would not be furnished a passport for travel abroad until he had repaid the money. Between February 6, 1962, and May 1, 1962, Oswald attempted to secure a loan from the Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee, in the United States. The State Department on February 1 wrote Oswald’s mother a letter asking whether she could advance the money. Oswald later wrote both his mother and the Department advising each that his mother should not be bothered in reference to the loan. After an exchange of communications between the Embassy and Washington, the Department approved a loan to Oswald for passage to New York only, directing the Embassy to ‘Keep cost minimum.’ On June 1 Oswald signed a promissory note for $435.71.” Letters from Oswald are of the greatest scarcity. Those with such significant content—relating to his own controversial and still-nebulous ties to the Soviet government and revealing an active interest in the celebrated Powers case—are of exceptional interest and desirability. In fine condition. Auction LOA John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and R&R COA.

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