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Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution

Auction Closed March 21, 2024 (Auction Details)
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- RR Auction's March 2024 sale chronicles Steve Jobs and the Apple revolution, with additional featured items from the realms of vintage computing and video games. Highlighted by Steve Jobs autographs and memorabilia—including ultra-rare Apple Computer checks, significant signed letters, and business cards—the auction also plays host to a wide variety of original Apple hardware, including a functional Apple-1 Computer, colorful iMacs, scores of new-in-box iPods, and sealed iPhones. Further items of interest are rare Atari prototypes and schematics, coding keysets developed by computer visionary Douglas Engelbart, and dozens of video games. RR Auction is the world's leading auction house for Apple-1 Computers and Steve Jobs memorabilia. Join us as we make history selling history in March 2024.

This is a timed auction.

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