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Remarkable Rarities

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- Hosted LIVE at the Royal Sonesta Boston on September 23rd, 2023, RR Auction's annual Remarkable Rarities sale brings one hundred extraordinary autographs and artifacts to auction. Bid in person, by phone, or online in this premier annual event. The auction embodies the whole of modern human history: from the scientific breakthroughs of Enlightenment to the age of the atomic bomb; from the founding of the United States through the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement; and from the Apollo moon landings to the Apple iPhone. Highlights include rare printings of Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Papers and Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia; a first edition of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates signed by Abraham Lincoln; Harry Houdini's personally-owned escape act props; custom-engraved revolvers presented to J. Edgar Hoover; rare Albert Einstein autographs; and Apollo 17 moonwalker Gene Cernan's flown EVA cuff checklist.

This is a live auction.

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